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Ahlers - podcast digital twin
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Podcast Digital Twin

In this episode, Miguel Van Asch talks about the power of data. Miguel takes us through the steps of creating your digital twin and how you can run different scenarios. Ranging from operational excellence to customer intimacy, you can analyze the impact of these scenarios on your supply chain.
Projects and machinery logistics
Project Cargo Journal

Ahlers eyes healthy 2022 project pipeline despite obstacles piling up.

Doing business has remained quite problematic in the first couple of months of the year for freight forwarders. CIS-focused specialist, Ahlers found more obstacles piled up on top of the persisting Covid issues with the recent geopolitical struggles putting the operational execution under more pressure than usual. However, the company has seen the number of projects grow in 2021 and the trend is set to continue in 2022 as it adapted to the change.
Trade logistics

Business Expansion China - Global Reach, Local Knowledge

" When I came to China six years ago, the first thing I noticed was how advanced e-commerce was. The 15-30 minute delivery window only recently became widely adopted in Europe and the United States. Still, it was common practice in China already then." Elena Robakidze. Business Development Manager. Ahlers
Data analytics

Using a digital twin to optimize inventory strategies

It’s always nice to grow your business, but that growth may affect your supply chain. When demand in certain countries or regions keeps growing, your logistics operation may no longer be able to serve your customers within the standards you are used to.
RMA fulfillment

Outsourcing Mission Critical Logistics

Organize your flow of maintenance & repair products. Operating in countries with a challenging logistics environment, choosing the right strategy for your mission-critical logistics processes is vital. What are the most critical parts that must be available close to your customer’s locations? And what is the most efficient, cost-effective location to store your after-sales parts?