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End-to-end supply chain solutions

DDP Deliveries Russia

Distribution and Delivery to Russia Made Easy – DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) services, improving complex customs clearance. Russia is a whole different ball game from Europe and the rest of the world when it comes to its customs clearance. For businesses looking to trade in this complex market, local expertise is simply a must to stay up to date with regularly changing requirements.
End-to-end supply chain solutions

Ahlers goes beyond traditional logistics solutions

Logistics solutions remain the core business of Ahlers, but the Antwerp headquartered logistics player goes one step further. This can be from a geographical perspective or through optimization. Double-digit effects are more the rule than the exception, towards growth or cost savings.
Groupe SEB

Customer feedback

Why customer service matters? That’s the question, one could write a library-worth number of books on. Instead, let’s look at what our customers have to say. Thank you Group SEB for your loyalty.
Secured transport

Emergency in supply chain security

Innovation and globalization become more complex and sensitive to all kinds of risks. With COVID-19 disrupting production, we believe the prevention of cargo theft should be high on your list of security priorities.