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Secured transport

Secured Transportation for Tobacco Products

Ahlers has built a truly dedicated tobacco team, specialized in industry-specific requirements, anticipating the latest trends. Read more on secured transportation solutions for the tobacco industry.
Secured transport

Secured Transportation for Cosmetic Products

For the cosmetics industry, an efficient supply chain is vital for having a competitive advantage and for managing the requirements of retailers correctly and helping face the challenges inherent to supply and demand. Read more on secured transportation solutions for the cosmetics industry.
Projects and machinery logistics
Project Cargo Journal

The road to success having the right expertise

Speaking to Project Cargo Journal, Konstantin Shepel, Business development manager CIS, Projects & Machinery at Ahlers, noted, that old schemes do not work due to various restrictions, disruption of supply chains, and global market changes. Since February 2022, geopolitical uncertainties, sanctions restrictions, and self-restrictions imposed by various countries have been added to this.
Projects and machinery logistics

How we master logistics for the mining and construction industry

Transportation of mining and construction machinery typically relies on several types of transport modes to get the job done in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner. Ahlers has worked closely with the mining and construction industry key stakeholders for decades to help them capitalize on the advantages and added value of applying a tailor-made approach.
Supply chain solutions

Best Practices for Chemical Logistics

Our dedicated team prepares every part of the transport, import, and export requirements of chemical products, from sourcing locations all the way to their final destination. They provide instant clarity and visibility with up-to-date information you can count on, allowing you to stay on top of costs.