Consignment Stock

How to optimize your consignment inventory model in SILK ROAD & SOUTHEAST ASIA?

Our route-to-market model offers the shared services model required to support you from order-to-cash, ERP and EDI management, contract fulfillment, legal support to any other type of administrative support you require.

With our warehousing locations, Ahlers can help your company to take control of your inventory while still exceeding customer expectations.

"Whether you manage your consignment stock needs through your distributors or work with a global partner, as the regional specialist in CIS and Asia, Ahlers Logistics can make you a functional tailored solution, that adds value and professionalizes your business." — Johan Elzes, Business Unit Director, Trade Facilitation and After Sales.

Consignment inventory services

We help you to manage your consignment stock needs in SILK ROAD & SOUTHEAST ASIA.

  • With consignment inventory, the producer of the stock i.e. Ahlers’ customer, retains ownership until the product is transferred FOC to the consumer.
  • With a local consignment stock in Silk Road and Southeast Asia, you increase your service level.

Through the Ahlers Importer-Exporter of record services set-up, you can compliantly manage all your certification needs in Silk Road and Southeast Asia.

Why choose Ahlers

  • Compliant and transparent certification.
  • With our knowledge and expertise, we offer you a full compliant consignment stock process, according to the latest local- and international regulation.
  • Shorter lead times and responsiveness, without giving up control of the inventory.
  • Solid contracts for successful consignment arrangements and inventory agreements.
  • Contract fulfillment according to local regulation compliance.
  • Legal advisory services analyzing legal, operational & tax risks, designing the legal and transactional structure for the business.
  • ERP integration To manage consignment stock.

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