Testing and Repair

Warranty Repair, Returns Processing, Testing, Screening, and Local quality inspection can be challenging.

When equipment goes down, you want to get the replacement parts, tested, and repaired when required, without losing critical time.

  • Ahlers handles all your cross-border returns, providing the highest transparency, keeping your NFF (no fault founds) level to a strict minimum, avoiding scrap, ultimately saving you money.
  • Our importer-exporter of record services, regardless of whether you have an established entity or not, ensure quick critical parts cross-border deliveries, in a fully compliant and reliable way.
Testing and repair services
Critical parts fulfillment
Reverse logistics solutions
Test, repair, refurbish

Manage and monitor warranty processes

Warranty management 

Efficient return, repair spare-parts

RMA fulfillment

Bonded warehouse with consignment stock to ensure fast deliveries

Consignment stock

Since 2011, handling local legal entity requirements for cross-border returns from/to Silk Road & Southeast Asia.

Importer-exporter of record

Learn about our customs services, duties, taxes, commodities codes

Customs services

Find out how wen we can help with trade logistics and testing, repair services in Silk Road and Southeast Asia

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