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In today’s reality, flawless order fulfillment is a top priority for warehousing. Increased customer demands have led to focus far more than on costs, but rather as a differentiator to improve order lead times and stock availability. As a result, warehouses need to perform smarter by operating as efficiently as possible, using best-in-class technology, reducing error rates, and continuously implementing best practices.

  • A and B+ class warehouses, including bonded warehouse facilities.
  • A mix of owned and leased warehouses. Owned Total space – 200,000 м² including warehouse area – 55,000 м² in Russia (excl. optional outside storage)
  • Local stock creation & same, next-day deliveries.
  • In house warehousing operations and warehouse management system (WMS)

With the Novosibirsk center operational and improving product availability, our customer was able to refocus their efforts on improving regional market share for their consumer and industrial products there. 

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Warehousing locations

Warehousing locations in Russia and Ukraine:

Chelyabinsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv. Moscow, Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg,


Different services

Your fulfillment is our concern. Creating increased added value for your logistics chain. Added value services including stickering, assembly, promo-package preparation and more.


Warehousing types


Warehousing types

In-house developed warehouse management system

Our warehouse management system is designed to meet specific challenges of logistics operations in Russia and CIS. 

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