Data Analytics

Data analytics to support strategic supply chain decisions

  • Supply chain data analytics will be the basis for your transformation into a lean and agile supply chain organization
  • Create a robust network for logistics tendering, tracking shipments, capturing events, ETA verification, and providing routing alternatives. By connecting a global eco-system of multi-modal carriers to manage every move, Ahlers Control Tower unites carriers (from ocean to rail trucking) with first and last-mile real-time tracking.

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We transform your supply chain, and help you prepare for the future.
• Identify trends, bottlenecks, and risks of your network.
• Track CO2 emissions of logistics movements.
• Track and monitor KPI’s, carefully selected by logistic experts.
• Share visualizations with stakeholders, making your supply chain more tangible and encourage bigger thinking.
• Fully linked, interactive & enriched data visualization.
• Generate sourcing schemes in your ERP to drive operational cost savings.
• Evaluate product flow paths, adjust sales price according to cost-to-serve.
• Compare TO-BE with AS-IS design and evaluate supply chain set-up cost, service, and environmental impact.
• Make better decisions with a holistic view of the complete end-to-end supply network
Scenario planning
• Simulate numerous designs together with our experts.
• Evaluate point-in-time metrics and set up a state-of-the-art contingency plan.
• Assess when to add additional buffer capacity to cover for uncertainty.
• A holistic view of the complete supply network for better & faster decision making.
• Create an accurate digital replica. Simulate event & analyze the impact on costs and customer service level.

Customer quotes

“Very often companies do not even start with network optimization analysis exercises; sometimes they start but get nowhere, the Ahlers experts help us to take the right decisions using their optimization model” - Treofan and Jindal Films Europe

“On very short notice we had usable results to implement in our yearly road tender.” - Ariane Thijssen, Transport Leader, Decathlon Belgium

“With pending road works, now is the time to act. The Ahlers network simulation model is helping us to guide our ideas and make the right data-driven decisions.” - Véronique Tuteleers, Operations Manager, Arteco

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One of our retail customers is now able to evaluate changes across their physical supply chain network. This allows them to select the right e-commerce strategy that supports the increasingly high expectations of consumers and avoid inventory stock-outs. We will showcase results based on previous customer successes and demo in a live environment.

Join from the comfort of anywhere, anytime and watch practical examples of how your business can benefit from a resilient supply chain network.

Webinar on-demand

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