Corporate Social Responsibility

We take action to provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging working environment for all our employees. 

Ahlers supports various initiatives of local non-profit organizations, to drive initiatives that support people in need, or with disabilities.  We encourage our employees to engage and participate in volunteering activities. 

With our sustainability team, we drive team-building activities that offer our employees a chance to work together to improve the environment, aiming to work for a better world.

Ahlers - Corporate Social Responsibility

Encouraging Blood Donation To Save Lives

Blood is essential to one’s survival, acting as a way for oxygen and essential nutrients to reach different organs in the body. This is why healthcare institutions are always in need of blood to give a lifeline to patients with serious medical conditions or to nurse them back to health.

During the summer, the Belgian Red Cross organizes blood donations at unique locations, amongst the Port House of Antwerp in 2021.  Our employees were more than happy to participate. After the donation, we were invited for a short guided tour in the beautiful Port House.


Charity Regatta Race - Children in Need

Ahlers joins the launch of the third charity regatta Svet.Deti racing to the finish to help children fight cancer.

We sailed on board the ‘Nika’, which brought us victory during the 2020 event. An amazing crew led by captain Vadim Manukhin put much effort and patience so that we learned the basics of yacht sailing in a short time. A tense race, taking second place in 2021

Total donations - together with other teams, amounted to 1 983 777 rubles. All the funds raised will go to help children struggling with cancer in St. Petersburg hospitals.

Ahlers - Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing COVID vaccinations in the office

Acceleration of COVID vaccination is key to getting everybody back into the office safely.

Ahlers took the initiative to bring health services into the office to provide vaccinations, not only for our staff but their relatives, contractors (cleaning, security services), and agency staff.

We vaccinated 74 additional people in the first round, planning more timeslots ahead.

Ahlers - Corporate Social Responsibility

Free transport Lavazza coffee #WeAreTogether

Together with Lavazza, Ahlers transported 2 tons of coffee free of charge for the wards of «Innosocium» and «Rus’» Funds in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as for the city hospital № 40 in Sestroretsk.

This action was to support Lavazza with the donation of 46 519 packs of coffee to support different groups of people in tough times, to help elderly and/or disabled people, supporting low-income families, and volunteer organizations during COVID. 

Ahlers - Corporate Social Responsibility

Ahlers supports Mercy Ships

In collaboration with The Belgian Chocolate Group and with the support of De Standaard Uitgeverij, Mercy Ships designed a unique gift package, of which the proceeds will go entirely to Mercy Ships.

Distributing the gifts on Saint Nicholas Day to our colleagues in Antwerp, Ahlers makes an impactful contribution to the free operations, treatments, and training of Mercy Ships in Africa. 

Ahlers supports Nochlezhka

Ahlers took action to support Nochlezhka in Saint Petersburg, helping people to get off the streets, as one of Russia's oldest charitable organizations, helping people in need and distress.

Our employees are collecting electronics, batteries, bath and shower products, toiletries, old backpacks, thermos products, and more. We will gift wrap and prepare individual gift bags with a personal message for the homeless people.