Scenario Planning

Is your current supply chain still the most optimized tomorrow? 

•    Simulate the impact of disruptions and specific events to build your logistics roadmap as you go
•    Make a detailed simulation model of individual and combined networks select the right strategy
•    Model different scenarios with impact sensitivity analysis.

Ahlers Data Analytics is your perfect trusted partner, when it comes to planning the way you look at your network today, designing your supply chain of the future. 

Network event simulation with recurring KPI's

  • Simulate numerous designs together with our experts.
  • Evaluate point-in-time metrics and set up a state-of-the-art contingency plan.
  • Assess when to add additional buffer capacity to cover for uncertainty.
  • A holistic view of the complete supply network for better & faster decision making.
  • Choose the right strategy to maximize customer satisfaction

Create an accurate digital replica. Simulate event & analyze the impact on costs and customer service level.

Looking for a partner who understands the challenges of your supply chain, able to model every setup with limited data?

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Scenario planning: the solution for a predictive and resilient supply chain

Tackle specific challenges such as:

  • Risk Management through scenario planning
  • Costly out-of-stock or overstock inventory 
  • Road congestion – on-time truck deliveries
  • Consolidation transport movement of material items between locations
  • Decrease empty kilometers and optimize capacity utilization
  • Reduce logistics spend after mergers and acquisitions

Decide which different options to choose from:

  • Change the inputs and outputs supplied in the base data for the supply network, or other sources
  • Expand, contract, or postpone operations
  • Start a pilot or test project to ascertain the viability of an approach
  • Phase an implementation to conserve resources
  • Terminate a project or direction
  • Invest for future growth opportunities
  • Combination of options, where an initial selection is modified by another option later