At Ahlers, we aim to achieve our business objectives through efficient and intelligent utilization of our workforce. 

  • Our Ahlers code of conduct reflects our collective commitment to ethical business practices and regulatory compliance which are important for all our employees.
  • They describe who we are, how we work, and how we act in our day to day relations with all stakeholders.
  • We live by our code of conduct standards, to help us make good and informed business decisions and act on them with integrity.

Our values - The Ahlers way

Our human resources department focuses on discovering and promoting the potential of every one of our employees. We aim to recruit and retain the best of the best.

Professional and personal development is a key prerequisite in motivating and retaining talented employees, vital to our business success, hence we relentlessly focus on developing performance and cost-effective, sustainable solutions supported by a permanent learning environment and state-of-the-art technologies.

Four Essential Values of a Successful Logistics Company

Pride in our People

As a company, we value diversity, and we promote a can-do attitude. Our employees are best described through these three simple statements: passionate about the customer and the business, hands-on, and professional.  Our culture is one that -

  • Attracts talent to fit our company.
  • Strives to drive engagement and retention.
  • Promotes well-being, happiness, and satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Drives career development.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take action to provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging working environment for all our employees. Ahlers supports various initiatives of local non-profit organizations, to drive initiatives that support people in need, or with disabilities.  We encourage our employees to engage and participate in volunteering activities. 

With our sustainability team, we drive team-building activities that offer our employees a chance to work together to improve the environment, aiming to work for a better world.

AHLERS CSR Initiatives

Employee Spotlight

A series meant to surface profiles of the amazing individuals behind our organization

Aman Amanov, Project coordinator

"Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

Makes me happy - Family. Friends, Football. Turkmen plov. Belgian beers & waffles.
What matters to me - Determination, Reliability, Loyalty.
Passionate about the things I do in my job - The thrill of closing deals. Creating value. Developing my expertise.
Why Ahlers - Global reach, connecting with the entire world every day from the comfort of our HQ or home office.

Ekaterina Kim, Administrative Manager

"I'm strong because I've been weak. I'm fearless because I've been afraid. I'm wise because I've been foolish."

Makes me happy - Understanding and support, teamwork, equality.
What matters to me - Improving of working environment, new office construction project
Passionate about the things I do in my job - Helping colleagues be more efficient in sales, data quality.
Why Ahlers - Continuous development and growth, realize my potential, great team.

Burak Seckin Tan, Senior Procurement & Operations Specialist

"Acknowledging that the work is also part of the life and keeping the balance will make you enjoy more and make you successfull in every aspect."

Makes me happy - Fulfilling the needs of my colleagues and customers.
What matters to me - Appreciativeness.
Passionate about the things I do in my job - Exploring new routes, meeting new people and creating added-value.
Why Ahlers - The best combination of corporate culture and friendly environment along with growth potential in my areas of expertise.

Meet the People

Evelyn Zhong

Evelyn joined  Ahlers Logistics in 2017, as Finance Manager for China. With more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, she can always provide valuable perspectives not only on the finance aspect but also on HR and ADM aspects to the local management team. She thrives on productivity and efficiency and took a leading role in the upgrade of local operating and finance systems. She is especially proud of the remarkable progress and changes Ahlers made in the past years, and achievements made. Joining the Ahlers group is the best decision she has ever made. She very much appreciates the people that support and trust her, providing her with ample room to operate efficiently and grow. 

Wim Copmans

Wim's journey with Ahlers began in 2002 when he received an enticing letter from the company among other graduates, offering opportunities for young specialists like himself. Starting with administrative tasks like issuing bills of lading, he quickly found himself immersed in complex logistics projects. Over the years, he evolved into a key account manager, steering projects for major customers. Wim's enduring commitment to Ahlers stems from his appetite for continual growth and the dynamic nature of project forwarding, where every project and client presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for learning. His advice to others echoes his own journey: embrace diverse experiences within logistics, understand your customers' needs intimately, and always be willing to go the extra mile for success.

Elena Zharko

Elena joined Ahlers in 2008 as an International Forwarding Manager. Over time, she progressed to Key Account Manager, Deputy Director, and eventually became Country Manager for Ahlers Ukraine in 2015. Her satisfaction in logistics stems from tangible results — efficient processes, high team performance, and satisfied customers. Her team is driven to excel and constantly seek optimal solutions. Leadership, to her, means inspiring greatness in the team. Since 2022, their work in Kharkiv has become more difficult − ensuring colleagues’ safety remains paramount. Their logistical background equips them to navigate through ever-changing circumstances, though uniting a dispersed team across regions and countries amidst ongoing conflict presents its own set of challenges. She resonates with the saying, «A good man is not always a professional, and a good professional is not always a good man.» If she was to meet her past self in 2008, she would tell herself that she would be lucky to work both with great people and professionals.