Trade logistics

Unlock your business potential in COMPLEX MARKETS

In today's international business, the key is to be compliant, transparent, and efficient. Ahlers helps customers develop trade and after-sales service, offering a route to market, that facilitates the import and trading function of a local distributor and/or legal entity, providing the customer with full control of their business in complex regions such as Russia, the CIS, Ukraine, and China.

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Looking to expand your business in Russia, the CIS, Ukraine, or China?
Transform your Route-To-Market The Ahlers Master Importer Model
Trade Logistics Russia, CIS, Ukraine, China
Order-to-cash Service
Transform your route-to-market
The Ahlers Importer Model
Do you need a European Owned Russian Legal Entity - as your future partner for Importer and Exporter of Record?
Expert in DDP (delivery duty paid) capabilities for Russia.
Trade Logistics Services
Trade Logistics gives you the benefits and opportunities of having your own legal entity, without having one.
You can use the Ahlers’ trading platform to orchestrate your route-to-market and outsource anything from transportation, import, customs clearance, digital marking of goods, to order-2-cash operations and local distribution.
Order-to-cash service
Reduce your order handling related administrative burden and costs
A solution tailored that your needs, that aims to reduce your administrative burden and related costs.

White Paper Doing Business in Russia

Expanding your business by entering new markets can be challenging, especially when that new market involves a new country.

Each country has its own rules, regulations, and procedures for doing business. Local knowledge is essential, but companies often don’t have that knowledge. Read more on how we can help.

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Trade Facilitation in complex markets

Today you are selling to Russia and CIS to your distributor, but you want to sell more. Take control of your route-to-market and strategic decision in how you do business in complex markets. At Ahlers, we help our customers develop their business in complex markets. You want to take the next step and take control of your commercial process. How do you do this?


Podcast - Doing business in Russia

In this episode we talk about doing business in Russia, business expansion strategies for emerging markets, and drinking vodka in a Banja. You need to establish a personal relationship if you want to do business in Russia.

Local people are critical to do business in Russia. Listen to our experts, tips, and tricks, what is important.


Export to Russia

Planning to export to Russia or do you export to Russia already? 

If your answer is 'yes' to one of the questions, it is important to be ready for a new law mandating the marking of consumers goods.  Digital marking in Russia.

Get all the information you need to comply with the Law on Mandatory Marking since 1 July 2019. Is your supply chain ready? 

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