Workshop Supply Chain Data Analytics

Together we can make a difference. During the workshops, our experts Kevin Onderbeke and Miguel Van Asch will guide you through our Ahlers Data Analytics service model and how this unique setup could increase your possibilities to become more resilient and prepare your supply chain for the future.

Ahlers Safe-T Solution Virtual Launch

We present you Ahlers Safe-T, the secure, mobile solution for the transportation of valuable and theft sensitive goods. In the most innovative and revolutionary way, we secure your route-to-market.
Join us for the virtual launch and find out how our next-generation solution, Ahlers Safe-T can help you.

Free up cash! Is it time to redesign your inventory strategy?

In today’s supply chains, it’s easy for a company’s inventory to be caught up as work in process. Cash-to-cash cycle times from procurement of supplies until payment can run up to several months, leaving you to pay for goods that have not been sold yet. All you ever wanted to know about
| Evaluating the real cost of dead inventory | Improving cash conversion cycles |