Improve supply chain efficiency with data visualization

Supply chain problems due to poor insights have a significant impact across the entire business. From small triggers to global disruptions can lead to a massive impact on global supply chains. In such situations, immediate changes based on easy-to-access visualization are essential to maintain a solid business and excellent relationships with your clients.

The Ahlers Supply Network Optimization and Analytics visualization platform combines, enriches, and visualizes your supply chain. By sharing visualizations with your stakeholders, you can make your supply chain more tangible and encourage bigger thinking.

Visualize, track and protect your business operations

  • Identify trends, bottlenecks, and risks of your network.
  • Track CO2 emissions of logistics movements.
  • Track and monitor KPI’s, carefully selected by logistic experts.
  • Share visualizations with stakeholders, making your supply chain more tangible and encourage bigger thinking.
  • Fully linked, interactive & enriched data visualization.

Visibility in the customer distribution network

Customer Challenges

  • Lacking a complete overview of the distribution network
  • Rising transportation costs due to additional shipments
  • Avoid product stock-outs in local stores
  • Reinforce the negotiation position with suppliers

Customer Solution

  • Building a digital copy of the distribution network
  • Smart dashboards to select optimal routes
  • Determine logistics KPI’s and monitor performance
  • Consolidate qualitative and quantitative data

Customer Benefits

  • Deeper insights
  • Reduced transportation costs & route optimization to serve the network
  • Evidence-based decisions through interactive dashboards
  • Stronger negotiation position based on facts and figures

How data visualization improves your supply chain efficiency

Looking for data-driven insights to change the way you look at problematic supply chains? Interested to find out how we make it easier for you to see the big picture?

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