Secured Transport Solution

Ahlers Safe-T is our secure, mobile solution for the transportation of valuable and, or theft sensitive goods


  • Plug and Play “Mobile”
  • Fits multiple types of transport: truck, container. Your choice.
  • Flexible in terms of how much you need and when you need it.
  • Innovative Complete Solution: New technologies (IoT, geofencing). Tracking, audio, video functionality
Own 24/7 monitoring center
Route management
Incident management
Real-time visibility

Ahlers Safe-T

  • Flexible and mobile security device 
  • Installed within 5 minutes 
  • Track & Trace in real-time 24/7 
  • Tracking capabilities: audio, video, sensors for humidity and temperature control
  • Reducing risk due to less human interaction
  • Recurring savings compared to physical guarding 
  • Own 24/7 monitoring center 
  • Providing smart data analytics 
  • Insurance approved 
  • EAC and CE Certified 

Re-evaluating the need for innovation in secured transportation?
Have a quick look at what our safe-t solution has to offer you. 

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End-to-end solution covering all stages of transportation

Before Transportation

  • Transport routes are analyzed, blackspots identified, and other preventative security measures taken (protected parking areas, use of convoys).
  • Background checks suppliers, drivers (permits, experience).
  • Safety & security norms, insurance, tax, legal compliance measures are checked.

During Transportation

  • After screening the truck and trailer, the camera and peripheral devices are installed (connected to a cloud dashboard). Security seals are placed at the top.
  • Documentation verified prior to loading. Driver ID scanned using verification software (detects any change in text/image).
  • Geofencing creates a virtual perimeter between two points - to ensure a truck does not leave a predetermined route, and if it does, an alarm is set to inform the interested party.

After Transportation

  • Follow up on the work done by forwarders and dispatch center.
  • Analytics for managing business and processes.

Secured Transport Solution

Find out how our next-generation monitoring and security solution, Ahlers Safe-T can help you.

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