Warehousing Types

With the right warehouse options, we facilitate any requirements relating to storage, fulfillment, and distribution

Ahlers offers its customers specific warehousing management IT solutions and different warehousing types (Distribution Center, Cross Docking, Bonded Warehousing, Consolidation Center) to meet their specific needs. We also offer a dedicated localized customer service with a wide range of value-added services.

Your advantages

  • State-of-the-art warehousing facilities run by experienced warehousing staff
  • Strategic locations in complex markets within the CIS, and Ukraine
  • Fully compliant with customs legislation and local authorities.
  • Full transport integration
  • Integrated global IT solution
  • One-stop-shop for warehousing, with one dedicated single point of contact
  • Warehousing top security with CCTV and alarm systems

Why choose Ahlers

We can provide access to warehousing for rent (short and long term) and through our own and operated warehousing facilities.

We also offer outside space for external storage requirements and dock levelers, temperature control facilities.


    Ahlers - Warehousing types

    Distribution center

    From the distribution facilities, we offer redistribution services to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers worldwide.

    • Inventory management & control
    • Order fulfillment (pick and pack by order)
    • Packing & drumming services
    • Just in time deliveries
    Ahlers - Warehousing types

    Cross docking

    Boosting warehouse cost-efficiency

    Ahlers helps you with the streamlined movement of goods.

    • We manage peak flows and dynamic changes and adapt to changes in real-time.
    • We handle delays such as late container arrivals, without seriously compromising efficiency.

    Bonded warehousing

    A stress-free, safe, and secure long-term solution

    At our bonded warehouse, Ahlers helps customers by making sure their goods are in line with local legislation to enter the market, for example by applying the proper labeling. A task that is best performed at the last stage of the supply chain simplifies the production and shipment process.  

    Bonded warehouse

    Ahlers - Warehousing types

    Consolidation center

    Freight consolidation and deconsolidation in shipping - offering you the best choice.

    Ahlers has all the required capabilities in place to consolidate products from several locations for export to your customers or distribution centers.

    We can combine your freight into larger shipments, like creating LCL and LTL shipments and Full Truckload (FT) or Full Container (FC) shipments.  Moreover, we can effectively combine multiple shipments from single or multiple shippers into a more massive shipment.

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    Looking for different warehousing options, with supporting value-added services, to move your products through the warehouse into the hands of the consumers as quickly as possible?

    DDP services

    Bonded warehousing services