Importer-exporter of record

Looking for a European Importer- and exporter of record set-up in Russia & CIS?

  • Ahlers can act as your Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR and assume this role by taking the responsibility of import/export processes and all subsequent taxes until the delivery is fulfilled. With our "DDP delivery Russia" services, we take care of your import and export business.
  • Combined with our supply chain knowledge and regional expertise, we can help with any compliance issues to comply with all necessary regulations and statutes to deal with in complex CIS markets.
  • Clients who have successfully applied the Master Importer Model, allow them to steer a profitable growth of their business in Russia, with an average of 20 to 40% per annum.


Importer-exporter of record services

Importer-Exporter of Record services since 2011, to cover your local legal entity requirements for cross-border returns from/to Russia & CIS

  • Customs Brokerage
    • Licensed customs broker. Temporary import/export for overhauls. Certifications.
  • Delivered Duty Paid Service - DDP Delivery Russia
    • Door-to-Door delivery experience for local customers.
    •  Convenient all-round service for your import and export business
  • Importer and Exporter of Record
    • Resolving complicated customs procedures providing time-savings.
  • Transportation to & from Russia (CIS)
    • International transportation (FCL/LCL/FTL/LTL)
    • Local distribution (LTL/FTL, Express Delivery)
  • Labeling & certification (after customs brokerage):
    • Compliantly manage your labeling and certification needs for the Russian & CIS market
    • Digital marking of goods required for Russia

Why choose Ahlers

With Ahlers, you benefit from an established local infrastructure with own assets, people, and expertise.

  • Rely on 25 years of expertise in Russia and CIS.
  • Own warehouses in Russia and CIS.
  • Established and experience teams.
  • Local expertise as an importer- and exporter of record. 
  • A transparent process that is fully compliant with all the Import laws of the importing countries including a document retention system in compliance with Import and Export regulations.

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Digital Marking Requirements Russia

Did you know that foreign manufacturers who export goods to Russia need to comply with the digital marking law, so goods that are intended for shipping to Russia must be marked with these codes and registered in the Chestny ZNAK system. 

Digital Marking

Digital marking is coming into force gradually and is already required or announced for the majority of consumer goods, from medicines and tobacco products to clothing and baby food. Since January 1, 2021, light industry goods including clothing, tires, photo cameras, dairy products, and perfumes, and eau de toilette must be marked. Selling these products without the required label will be considered illegal and blocked by the cash register in the store.

This Order specifies the list of consumer goods that must be marked with special identification marks containing individual information about the goods in 2019.  Details of which goods are affected and the dates required can be checked on the Chestny ZNAK website.

What exporters need to know

The purpose of the new digital marking system is to drive total traceability from manufacturing to the sale of the product. When goods are manufactured, they get assigned a unique code. A label with this code is attached to the item and the code is entered into the Chestny ZNAK system.

All information generated by all participants of the marking system will be stored during the life cycle of the goods, the code is checked and compared with the code in the system, verifying that the code is valid to fight misuse and fraud. Full details about how the system works are available here.


Which goods are affected.

Digital marking is coming into force gradually and is already required for the majority of consumer goods. Since January 1, 2021, more items have been added to the list. Selling these products without the required label will be considered illegal and blocked by the cash register in the store.

Details on which goods are affected and the dates from which digital marking will be required for each category are available in full on the Chestny ZNAK website

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