Looking for ways to outsource your order-to-cash process?

The Ahlers' trading platform manages your complete order-to-cash process including your ERP & EDI needs. This allows you to sell your goods with local invoices without the need to have your own Legal Entity in the CIS or China.

We ensure and secure your continuous business activities in Silk Road and Southeast Asia, with the needed legal support.
Order management
Credit management
Order fulfillment
Order shipping
Customer invoicing
Accounts Receivable
Payment collections
Reporting and data management

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Customer order process

  • Receiving and processing customer requests for goods or services
  • Documentation handling  receiving the order bookings,  outbound shipment documentation, order confirmation,  transport documents
  • Local deliveries arranging local deliveries throughout Silk Road and Southeast Asia
  • Invoicing invoicing of your local customers
  • Payment procedures handling the payment transactions with each of your local customers and local subcontractors
  • General ledger — updating the accounting systems

Contract fulfillment process

  • Contract fulfillment according to local regulatory compliance.
    • Creation, continuous follow-up, and amendment of contracts with:
    • Local clients (NKAs, Distributors, Wholesalers, SMEs)
    • 3rd parties for promotional activities and incentive models
    • 3rd parties related to recruiting, office rental, courier services, lease agreements, etc.
  • Claims management processing unpaid debts, debt disputes, representation in court
  • Trademarks support registration, protection, online and offline protection of a trademark
  • Legal advisory services  analyzing  legal, operational & tax risks, designing the legal and transactional structure for the business

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Looking for simplification and control of your route-to-market and order-to-cash business processes? Make sure to contact our logistics experts in markets such as Silk Road and Southeast Asia. We will tell you all about our master importer model — fit for driving growth in complex markets. 

Order-to-cash process. How can Ahlers help?

The order-to-cash process improves almost every aspect of the customer journey. This process is deeply rooted in different aspects of the business — sales, pricing, contracting, collections, warehousing, finance, and, of course, customer service.