RMA fulfillment

How to manage and consolidate your RMA needs in Russia & CIS?

Dealing with the aspect of reverse logistics and warranty deliveries. How is a consumer able to return the product for repair in case of damage or defect when the manufacturer is not located in Russia? In the current marketplace, any reduction in cost is extremely valuable and Ahlers can help you achieve this.

We offer a customer-oriented infrastructure, relieving all parties from the hassle, related to warranty & sample shipments.
Warranty administration and claims management
Manage and monitor warranty processes
Control, direct, process, track warranties
Part returns
Efficient return, repair spare-parts
Extended warranties
Add more value to standard warranties
Service contracts
Flexible contracts aligned with your needs
Supplier management
Managing supplier contracts

Closed-loop warranty management

  • Free of charge import. Resolving complicated customs procedures providing time-savings.
  • Door-to-Door delivery experience for local customers. Delivery duties paid (DDP) deliveries throughout Russia and CIS.


-> Five things you should know about Reverse Logistics in Russia.

Why choose Ahlers

  • Reduced warranty costs - Reduction in paper-based, fraudulent, and out of warranty claims.
  • Faster cycle time – Better processed claims, resulting in reducing processing time.
  • CRM integration – To enhance customer service.
  • Higher dealer satisfaction – Faster and correct payments to keep the dealers happy.
  • Improved risk control – Easy to use data analytics reports enabling performance tracking.
  • Reduced inventory - Reduction in parts inventory through better insight.
  • Claims management – Processing of unpaid debts, debt disputes, and representation in a Russian court.