Classification decision / Tax & Levy exemption

Obtaining a classification decision/ tax & levy exemption is a lengthy process that requires sufficient preparation so early involvement of a specialist is key

Ahlers can guide you through the process, enabling you to save your own resources.
The Classification decision / Tax & Levy exemption is issued by the national customs office in the form of a document that allows all components listed in the system to be declared under a unified customs tariff number.

Classification decisions

Obtaining a classification decision / Tax & Levy exemption: a complicated process, yet critical for your project

  • Enables to import a complete production line under one single customs tariff number
  • Allows import at the preferential duty rate
  • Offers considerable savings on declarations, conformity certificates, technical descriptions

Why choose Ahlers

  • Licensed customs broker with over 25 years expertise
  • In-house Customs and Legal specialists
  • We work independently with suppliers to obtain the necessary technical information about each component of the technological equipment
  • Understanding the practical requirements of the customs authorities concerning documentation needed to submit the application for the Classification Decision / Tax & Levy exemption
  • After submitting the documents, we closely follow up with the local customs office to understand the status of the application and to ensure timely issuance of the Classification decision / Tax & Levy exemption.