Solutions by Industry

Need secure logistics solutions for high value or theft-sensitive goods? Ahlers Logistics has over 30 years of specialized knowledge in transporting high-value cargo by road and rail in Eastern Europe and CIS.  We provide the highest security standards for the delivery of goods door-to-door, reducing the dependency on human interaction (armed guards) while realizing significant cost savings. This way we secure your route-to-market.


Ahlers provides a full range of logistics solutions and international forwarding of tobacco products. Our dedicated team is specialized in industry-specific requirements and helps our customers in the tobacco industry with various modes of transport, import, export, storage, and handling.

With our on-site logistics services, we take over specific flows within the customer facility at their premises.

Our secured transportation solution provides the highest security standards delivering the goods door-to-door, reducing the dependency on human interaction (armed guards) while realizing significant cost savings. This way we secure their route-to-market in Europe, CIS.

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Ahlers provides a full range of logistics solutions and international forwarding of chemical products.

Our dedicated team prepares every part of the transport, import, and export requirements of chemical products, from sourcing locations all the way to their final destination.

Your cargo must remain safe and secure every single step of the way. Our Safe-T solution is our secure, mobile solution for the transportation of valuable and, or theft-sensitive goods.

This requires a dedicated team, up to speed with industry requirements, providing instant clarity and visibility with up-to-date information you can count on, allowing you to stay on top of costs.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care

Ahlers provides industry expertise in the beauty industry. We are here to facilitate and minimize your work. Controlling the stock, delivery times, as well as secured transport are just some of the things to pay special attention to.

Our experts know how to manage the operational complexity and flexibility you need, ranging from the reception of raw materials to the distribution of finished products.

Managing inventory and picking efficiently, organizing local and international shipments, dealing with customs management, and providing secured transportation services for high value goods are some of the detailed services we offer to manage your supply chain end-to-end.

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Wine and Spirits

Ahlers provides secured transportation to a wide range of customers across the wine and spirits industry for local and international shipments both bottled and in bulk. Our integrated tailor-made solutions provide a one-stop shop for your business.

Importers and exporters of beverages can count on a dedicated team to provide assistance with secure and optimized warehousing, customs, and certified transport procedures, taking care of the entire process; for the door-to-door deliveries of your wine and spirits.

Our in-depth knowledge ensures that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

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Ahlers ensures the visibility and control required to optimize your supply chain and provides secured transportation for the distribution of your spare parts and aftermarket parts from manufacturing or storage facilities to service centers and customers.

Our dedicated team of experts helps you to overcome the challenges facing your automotive supply chain today.  With our tailor-made solutions, we cover your entire supply chain, from procurement to packaging, value-added services, storage, as well as on-site logistics on your premises to secure transportation of your spare parts.  


Whether you need a warehouse in a single market or multiple locations, our regional network across Russia and Ukraine can quickly help you implement and scale your business based on our experience in complex markets. Ahlers offers standardized services such as warehousing, order picking, and delivery for your e-commerce goods.

With our proprietary WMS, you can easily manage multiple stock locations and cross-border deliveries, while we run your e-fulfillment operations and return handling process efficiently.  As an experienced freight forwarder, enabling secure transportation, we ensure your shipments get to their destination safely and reliably, relieving you of the typical challenges involved with cross-border e-commerce.