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Supply chains have moved beyond efficiency and are key to supporting a company's purpose and ambitions. There are many reasons for outsourcing your logistics. Fluctuating demand or seasonality, risk management, efficiency gains, and focusing on core business, just to name a few. 

We have you covered human resource management, equipment, continuous improvement, and systems. We run and continuously improve your logistics operation, whether it is a warehousing and distribution operation or factory logisticsWe take away the pain so you can focus on your core activity and leave your executive non-core processes to us.  Download our brochure below to find out more.

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Why choose Ahlers

Many industrial manufacturers are in the process of making demand and supply plans that will determine how they will operate in the next years. These decisions are being made in the face of volatility ranging from surging transportation costs, port congestion, labor shortages, evolving consumption patterns, inflation, and geopolitical uncertainty, to name a few.

Can you make the right decisions to move forward and maintain a competitive edge?

It is clear that in today’s complex global market, it is tough to anticipate and focus on every process and location. Among all the existing challenges, it might be a lesser concern, but neglecting could affect the longer term.

More and more businesses — big and small — are therefore looking for external support and expertise to run their supply chain more efficiently to keep and gain a competitive advantage.

And that’s where Ahlers comes in. Download our brochure here to find out more about our Factory Logistics service offering.

  • A reliable partner who translates your requirements into tailor-made and proven solutions
  • The Ahlers Center of Expertise provides one way of working with a standardized organizational structure
  • We take care of your warehousing needs, either on-site in your factory, our own facilities, or through carefully chosen strategic locations.
  • We drive the perfect balance between own and agency staff, shared functions, rented equipment, offering you the flexibility required.
  • Long-term commitment. Our investments in CIS and Ukraine go back 25 years.

With a customer-centric service approach and decades of expertise, we strive to meet your highest expectations.

Here is how we can help

  • Centre of excellencethe specialists from our Center of Excellence will ensure a smooth transition and implementation of your processes in a new location, if applicable. They will not stop there and stay involved in continuous improvement processes whilst we run your operation.
  • Leveraging our network: we have a large network of warehouses and on-site operations across multiple CIS countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • People: we have a skilled and experienced workforce. Our company culture, benefits package, and relationships with temp agencies ensure we always have the right people available for the job.
  • Systems: our in-house WMS is so good we sell it separately to companies that don’t want to outsource their logistics but do want excellent warehouse management software. The same goes for our data analytics software which is in high demand not only to serve the center of excellence teams but also to advise other companies with premium strategic consultancy.
Ahlers - On-site logistics

Factory Logistics for Philip Morris International (PMI)

Ahlers was selected to enhance production facilities for PMI, with regards to all their logistics services, supporting factories in Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. 

The choice as a preferred regional partner was based on their longstanding, excellent customer relation, and their leading position in the market. The collaboration centers on implementing end-to-end logistics support of production.

We will hereby not only manage the standard warehouse operations, related to incoming goods of raw materials and outgoing flows of finished goods but add the factory logistics services needed to supply the production lines, take away finished goods, etc. Ahlers’ factory logistics services will allow PMI to focus all its attention on the manufacturing process and product development.

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Ahlers - On-site logistics

Factory logistics: durable, integrated, and consolidated

The requirements for factory logistics are constantly rising as products become more and more complex. There are many aspects to deal with, resources, suppliers, compliance, safety, all of which can have an impact on your logistics processes, all the way from the start down to the delivery at the end consumer. 

Ahlers - On-site logistics

Outsourcing your Logistics

We all know logistics is a specialized business process, and costs can easily accumulate.  With close to 30 years of experience in CIS, when you outsource you can be sure you are in the safest possible hands. 

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Ahlers - On-site logistics

Smart Factory Logistics

In today's fast-moving world, optimizing your production and manufacturing are true drivers for growth. The leaner and smarter your factory, the bigger your sustainable advantage.

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Ahlers - On-site logistics

Scale and Flexbility

With multiple logistics operations in an extensive network, Ahlers has a flexible pool of people, which it can leverage across our different logistics operations. They can also leverage operations, shifting people from one relatively quiet operation to another operation with a spike in demand. 

Ahlers - On-site logistics

Turn fixed into variable costs

Every factory or warehouse environment has the burden of large capital expenditure, blocking working capital. Forklifts, reach trucks, pallet trucks, these all need to be bought or leased. If you outsource the management of your material handling equipment, you no longer have to worry about having the right equipment at the right time. Ahlers can leverage material handling equipment across multiple operations. 



Ahlers - On-site logistics

Continuous Improvement

One way to bring down the costs of your logistics operation is to increase its efficiency. Continuous improvement is one of the best ways to do this. At Ahlers, we use a combination of classic continuous improvement tools such as Kaizen and state-of-the-art data analytics software and algorithms. We have a team of design specialists and data analytics experts daily optimizing processes, warehouse design, and footprints. 

Ahlers - On-site logistics


Our control tower services give you full control of your supply chain. Streamlined operations based on various sources of data and standardized procedures, guarantee a flawless customer experience. Contracting your logistics service to Ahlers, with its own WMS (warehouse management system) makes it easier to update or change a system if changes in the logistics operation require it.