How to optimize your logistic cost and accelerate your revenue - drilling down to product and/or customer level?  

With Ahlers Data Analytics, you can conduct a thorough analysis of your supply chain network, to arm you with the necessary quantitative metrics to make informed, strategic decisions. 

  • Turn complex set-up environments into a competitive advantage with network optimization models.
  • Perform network studies to identify situations needing urgent attention. What to prioritize and where to find quick wins.

Optimization guidance on supply chain design and performance

  • Generate sourcing schemes in your ERP to drive operational cost savings.
  • Evaluate product flow paths, adjust sales price according to cost-to-serve.
  • Compare TO-BE with AS-IS design and evaluate supply chain set-up cost, service, and environmental impact.
  • Make better decisions with a holistic view of the complete end-to-end supply network.

Struggling with so many things that need your urgent attention. Find out how we can help you with your supply network study. 

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Case: Focus on finding savings in two supply chain networks of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution channels

Customer Challenges

  • Clear insights of 2 different transport organizations and systems
  • Determining freight and warehouse cost drivers
  • Curb costs due to sub-optimal supply chain design
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities, maintaining customer service level agreements

Customer Solution

  • Create accurate as-is baseline visualizing current flows
  • Develop a comprehensive optimal to-be network concept, decreasing overall costs
  • Analyze the impact on key logistics cost drivers
  • Identification and implementation road map with key milestones

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced costs end-to-end
  • Improved service level
  • A secure environment to analyze the impact
  • Reinforce strategic decisions based on the accurate, bigger picture
  • Improved company change management
  • Long-term support during the implementation process

How to unlock savings with supply chain optimization

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