How to unlock savings with supply chain optimization


There are so many things that need your urgent attention, right now. What should you prioritize? What can deliver rapid results? To meet this ever-growing need for the current understanding of the supply chain, more and more companies are performing supply chain network studies.

Supply chain network optimization is the science – and art – of designing a holistic, strategic, and quantitative view of an organization’s end-to-end supply chain. Within an extended supply chain, there are numerous ways for a product to get from the supplier base to the end customer. Many flow-paths exist through suppliers, production facilities, assembly sites, distribution centers, cross docks, and final mile transportation options. Often these flow-paths are not evaluated in an end-to-end manner as planners work in a siloed area of expertise and lack the ability to evaluate the impact of their decisions on the wider supply chain.

So, how can a supply chain network optimization study help your company?

By conducting a thorough analysis of their network, companies will be armed with the necessary quantitative metrics to make informed, strategic decisions. 

We recommend you look for a partner that can help you compare the current state of their supply chains to multiple “what-if” scenarios. It is key you develop concise, strategic plans and goals based on sound metrics.  After all, the end in mind of a supply chain optimization exercise is to provide results that enable you to move forward in a secure manner

This is where the Ahlers Supply Network Optimization & Analytics optimization team can assist you to determine your true cost-to-serve down to the product or SKU level. We take your capacities and costs into consideration to recommend optimal time-phased sourcing rules, enabling you to achieve the lowest total cost to serve while simultaneously meeting specific service level agreements.

Ahlers Data and Analytics provides network optimization support in an array of different fields such as:

  • Generate sourcing schemes, which can feed in your ERP system to drive operational cost savings
  • Evaluate product flow paths for specific customers and adapt sales price according to cost-to-serve
  • Compare your optimized network to the original as-is situation and evaluate your new supply chain setup on cost, service, and environmental impact
  • Provide a holistic view of the complete end-to-end supply network allows for better decision making

Our team bring years of experience to bear on the greatest challenge of our time. We are results driven, with a proven record of previous successes and offer unique advisory experience in supply chain using state-of-the-art software tools.

Optimization of the current chain network

Focus on finding savings in the two supply chain networks of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution channels

Customer Challenges

  • Clear insights of 2 different transport organizations and systems
  • Determining freight and warehouse cost drivers
  • Curb costs due to sub-optimal supply chain design
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities, maintaining customer service level agreements

Customer Solution

  • Create accurate as-is baseline visualizing current flows
  • Develop a comprehensive optimal to-be network concept, decreasing overall costs
  • Analyze the impact on key logistic cost drivers
  • Identification and implementation road map with key milestones

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced costs end-to-end
  • Improved service level
  • A secure environment to analyze the impact
  • Reinforce strategic decisions based on the accurate, bigger picture
  • Improved company change management
  • Long-term support during the implementation process