Ahlers - Data Analytics Inspiration Day

Ahlers Data Analytics Inspiration Day

Download the event presentations now. Hear Jo Caudron talk about how not only digital but also broad social and economic transformations are shaping our future: different living/working arrangements, new business models, more focus on local. During the keynote, Jo will discuss the basics of these ideas as laid out in his latest book. Based on these principles, Peter De Coninck, Supply Chain Expert @ DXC Technology will discuss how a digital supply chain twin is at the heart of any digital supply chain effort.

Upgrade Your Spare Parts Supply Chain

Watch our recorded webinar on-demand on how to tackle challenges in spare parts planning, purchasing, ordering, and logistics and handling critical factors such as response times and spare parts availability as opposed to the overall supply chain cost.

Redesign your inventory strategy

Watch our recorded webinar on-demand. Check out everything you need to know about evaluating the real cost of dead inventory and how to improve cash conversion cycles.