The benefits of outsourcing your mission-critical logistics

The benefits of outsourcing your mission-critical logistics

In this webinar, Ahlers provides several examples of mission-critical logistics. We talk about how a Canadian company that manufactures equipment for movie theatres, organized their flow of maintenance and repair products with Ahlers. Especially when you operate in countries with a challenging logistics environment local knowledge is vital. By outsourcing to an experienced partner that knows the lay of the land, you make sure your mission-critical logistics don’t turn into Mission: Impossible for your customers. Next, you need to choose the right strategy for your mission-critical logistics processes. For example, what are the most critical parts that need to be available close to your customer’s locations? And what is the most efficient and cost-effective location to store your after-sales parts?


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Mission Critical Logistics across Russia & CIS      
Data analytics in spare parts supply chain management  

Questions to discuss:

• Is your supply chain agile enough for your evolving needs?
• How can you keep your inventory costs as low as possible during mission-critical logistics projects? Discover the advantages inventory simulation provides, and how it can help analysts define the right inventory strategies.
• Do you need to reconsider supplier/sourcing options? What are the most critical parts that need to be available close to your customer’s locations?
• What is the most efficient and cost-effective location to store your after-sales parts?

Arno Coster, Commercial Director, Ahlers, will moderate the session

Arno Coster is a Dutch national who has lived in London and Saint Petersburg for many years. He is the Director of Sales & Business Development - Trade Facilitation & After Sales Services · at Ahlers in St. Petersburg, Russia. The business unit focuses on supporting international premium brands to develop their business in complex markets. 

This means that as a logistics provider, Ahlers does not only do the logistics but also takes care of the import and the further sales of the goods, on behalf of its customers. In this sense, companies can outsource the complexity of doing business in a challenging region as Russia, CIS, Ukraine, or China to Ahlers and receive real value from it. 

Johan Elzes, General Manager Russia & Business Unit Director Trade Facilitation and After-Sales Services, Ahlers

Johan Elzes is a Dutch national who has been living and working in Russia since 2011. Since 2022 he is the General Director of Ahlers Russia. He combines this role with managing the Business Unit Trade Facilitation & After Sales Services. Johan is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, a city which he first visited during his studies of the Russian language.

In his role as Business Unit Director Johan focuses on supporting companies overcome the difficulties of doing business in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China. Ahlers does this by providing a combination of the supply chain- and market entry/development services aimed to unburden its customers. This is really where Ahlers goes beyond pure logistics and pragmatically thinks along with the customer's route to market strategy. As General Manager Russia Johan supports the business units in realizing their commercial strategies and providing guidance to Ahlers’ employees in Russia.

Miguel Van Asch, Head of Data Analytics, Ahlers

Miguel Van Asch has been working at Ahlers since 2016 where he developed expertise in supply chain modelling, network design, and visualization of logistics data.  Miguel contributed to multiple supply network reorganization projects for customers in different sectors. For example, he supported a large acquisition of 3 FMCG companies in the DACH region, where he was active in modelling and optimizing both transport flows and warehouse processes.  
He is highly experienced in setting up horizontal collaboration forms in logistics, for example, he supported the establishment of a transport collaboration at P&G and Chemours and he was actively involved in the European project Logistar, which focuses on developing data tools to facilitate horizontal bundling.