Leading Expansion in Southeast Asia: Interview with Elisabeth Leysen, Regional Development Manager Vietnam

Following the recent opening of our office in Ho Chi Minh City, we are ready to introduce the team of Ahlers Vietnam. The first interview features Elisabeth Leysen, Regional Development Manager Vietnam, talking about our strategic plans for growth in the region.

Can you give a brief overview of your role and explain how you're involved in expanding Ahlers’ business in Vietnam and across the wider region?

As the Regional Development Manager, I lead our growth in Vietnam while actively seeking out opportunities for further expansion across Southeast Asia. An important part of my role involves initiating and developing strategic partnerships with local chambers of commerce such as BeluxCham and EuroCham, as well as other relevant stakeholders. I also bridge our HQs in Antwerp, our global teams, and the dedicated team in Vietnam, facilitating seamless coordination across strategic, marketing, financial, and operational domains. As we are new in the region, it is important to delve into each market and learn more about customer demands and specific rules we need to follow, ensuring our services are well aligned. In this regard, collaborating closely with local partners is crucial; their expertise helps us to execute smoothly and bring our expansion plans to life.

What are some of the key market trends and opportunities you're observing in the logistics industry within Vietnam and neighboring countries right now?

The logistics landscape in the region is undergoing rapid transformation due to digitalization, the growth of e-commerce, and a stronger focus on sustainability. Ahlers seizes these opportunities by integrating innovations and advanced technology to improve efficiency and transparency for our customers. Our goal is to become a leading digital, customer-focused, and sustainable partner in the region.

Can you share some insights into Ahlers' long-term vision for regional development?

As I said, Ahlers is committed to becoming an established logistics partner in Southeast Asia, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and regional development. We're eager to introduce cutting-edge digital tools that will boost supply chain visibility and streamline operations for our customers. These initiatives reflect our dedication to sustainable growth, integrating green technologies and practices throughout our operations. While we've just opened our office in Ho Chi Minh City, we're excited about growing into other Southeast Asian countries, following our customers in meeting their needs and strategic expansion goals.