Ahlers’ mission to find new opportunities in Kazakhstan.

From 05 to 12 June 2023, Flanders Investment and Trade, Awex (Walloon Chamber) and HUB (the Brussels one) were organizing a week-long economic mission to Central Asia, a region that has become strategic for the world's main economies. The privileged partners from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have been deciding for several years to diversify their economic partnerships and establish contacts with the rest of the world, positioning themselves as a central hub between Europe and Asia.

Is Central Asia a profitable market for business?

Over the years, the region has multiplied initiatives to diversify the economic partnership, especially with China, Turkey and the United States. Recently, we can also see European leaders making official trips to the region, strengthening the conviction that the Asian countries can become strong and important economic partners. Central Asia is a top investment destination in the world. The most investment is in the natural gas, hydrocarbon and metal sector to extraction, processing to transportation. 

What did Ahlers do?

The trade mission started in Astana, moved to Almaty, while continuing to Tashkent and Bishkek. Ahlers took part of the Almaty part, got in touch with the delegates, both from Belgium and among the local representatives. Ahlers also presented their experience of doing business in Kazakhstan to the delegates to present its capabilities, their plans but also the pitfalls of doing business in Central Asia.

What we got from the Belgian economic mission:

-Exchange of entrepreneurial experience with companies developing business in Kazakhstan;

-Strengthening connections with Central Asia;

-Growing business opportunities in Kazakhstan.

More interesting events

In the margin, a full program of visits was worked out by FIT and Awex to assist in the further search of partners for the construction of our new warehouse in Almaty. The focus was on design and engineering firms, but also some other companies were met who could come in useful.

Why Ahlers Kazakhstan

You might develop your business in Kazakhstan with Ahlers. Our differentiators:

Multi-Modal Routes Connecting Continents. A wide number of important international transport corridors. Intermodal transportation from/to Asia-CIS and Asia-Europe countries.

Complex Export, Import & Domestic Forwarding Services. Favorable geographical location at the crossroads of trade routes.

Licensed Customs Broker. Licensed customs broker since 1997; Temporary import/export for overhauls etc. Import, export, and transit of goods.

Potential Warehousing.  The main purpose is to establish Warehousing in Kazakhstan in the near future.