Tight Fit: Delivery of a 128MT Trunnion Ring from Italy to Germany

Ahlers Logistics was tasked to transport materials as part of a project for the replacement of Converter No. 1 at the integrated steelworks within AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke in Dillingen, Germany. The new converter will have a 200-tonne tapping weight and will be designed to meet the objective of being able to continue their high-performance steelmaking operation over a long and safe campaign.

The converter vessel had to be split into several parts, to meet transport route restrictions. The biggest item was a so-called Trunnion ring with length of 13.5 meters, width of 9.5 meters and overall gross weight of 128 tons.

With such cargo characteristics, the only possible way to reach destination was via inland waterways. Once again, we have successfully made use of our home port Antwerp as a transshipment hub for this project. Due to strict delivery deadlines we’ve had to create and respect a detailed project timeline which involved:

  • Part-charter of two vessels from Italian origin port up to Antwerp
  • Smooth & speedy reloading activities in Antwerp (first lot was reloaded directly from sea vessel onto barge)
  • Barge transport from Antwerp up to Dillinger berth
  • Close coordination with receiver for the timely discharge ex barge and further delivery to installation area

Scope of Work

  • Oversized Convertor & Trunnion Ring parts (heaviest item – 128 MT)​
  • Vessel fixtures through Ahlers’ own chartering desk​
  • Supervision of load out in Italy and transshipment in Antwerp​
  • Organization of barging from POD to final site via Rhine + Saar rivers​
  • Coordination with end receiver at jobsite for timely discharge​

Customer Challenges

  • Respecting strict delivery deadlines set by end receiver.
  • Finding the right transport solution considering cargo complexity
  • Coordinating with all involved parties for smooth delivery

Our Solution

  • Overseeing entire process with a tailor-made project management service.
  • Providing most cost-effective seafreight solution via our own chartering desk
  • Using in-house expertise for guiding customer throughout the project execution