Bonded warehousing

Ahlers Bonded warehouse

Great for long-term storage and deferring duties until your goods leave the warehouse. Store your goods at our bonded warehouse until there is an increase in demand for the goods, and you do not need to import your goods all at once. In the past 27 years, Ahlers Russia has become the authority on opening the Russian market to foreign companies.

Bonded warehousing: stress-free, safe, and secure long-term solution

At our bonded warehouse, Ahlers helps customers by making sure their goods are in line with local legislation to enter the Russian market, for example by applying the proper labeling. A task that is best performed at the last stage of the supply chain to simplify the production and shipment process. The warehouse under customs control, located in the Gorelovo region in St. Petersburg, is the biggest in the area. It is fully run by Ahlers’ experienced warehousing staff who make sure the site stays fully compliant with customs legislation and local authorities.

Why choose Ahlers

  • Our vast expertise in Russia. Successfully operating in Russia since 1993.
  • Importer/Exporter of Record services since 2011, to cover your local legal entity requirements for cross-border returns from/to Russia & CIS.
  • Make storing and transporting of your international goods a smoother process
  • No rush on paperwork, payment, or inspection; and goods can be held for years if your demand for the product is low.

Bonded warehousing - a solution to import and sell into Russia.

To serve our customer base even better, we have permission to execute bonded warehousing activities, through which we give our exporters an extra opportunity to enter the Russian market. Getting your goods stored in bonded warehouses is easily done. Furthermore, the benefits of doing the Russian side of your business in this way are potentially boundless.

Thanks to our bonded warehousing, import duties only come into play when the products are actually being shipped out of the warehouse and on to the customer, which is especially convenient for slow-moving items such as spare parts or high-value goods. 

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Bonded warehousing

With our bonded warehouse, we offer a great option for companies entering the Russian market with a convenient all-around service for your import and export business. Discover why the benefits of doing the Russian side of your business in this way are potentially boundless.