Factory logistics

Transformed value creation: flexible processes in logistics and production, new supply chain models, supported by our factory logistics services.

Streamlined supplier management
Material handling equipment and maintenance
Operational excellence
Skills and competence management
Safety and compliance

Factory logistics: durable, integrated, and consolidated

  • The requirements for factory logistics are constantly rising as products become more and more complex. There are many aspects to deal with, resources, suppliers, compliance, safety, all of which can have an impact on your logistics processes, all the way from the start down to the delivery at the end consumer.
  • Requirements for services with high added value, such as assembly, labeling, inventory management, consignment stock, testing, repair, and bonded warehousing to name a few.


  • The Ahlers Center of Expertise provides one way of working with a standardized organizational structure
  • We take care of your warehousing needs, either on-site in your factory, our own facilities, or through carefully chosen strategic locations.
  • We drive the perfect balance between own and agency staff, shared functions, rented equipment, offering you the flexibility required.
  • Long-term commitment. Our investments in CIS, Russia, and Ukraine go back 25 years.