Bonded warehousing – the solution to import and sell into Russia

Let us have a look at bonded warehouses as a great option for companies entering the Russian market. In the past 27 years, Ahlers Russia became an authority in opening the Russian market to foreign companies. To serve our customer base even better, we are recognized to execute bonded warehousing activities, through which we give our exporters an extra opportunity to enter the Russian market. As you will see, getting your goods stored in bonded warehouses is easily done. Furthermore, the benefits of doing the Russian side of your business in this way are potentially boundless.



A bonded warehouse is a solution for long-term storage and deferring duties until your goods leave the warehouse. You may want to store your goods until there is an increase in demand for the goods or wait for the best moment to make a deal. And remember that you do not need to arrange import clearance for all your goods at once. This is especially convenient for slow-moving items such as spare parts or high-value goods. Goods can be stored for 3 years (if a product has a limited shelf life, it must leave the warehouse 180 days before its due date), there is no rush on paperwork, payment, or inspection.


In a bonded warehouse, the payment of VAT and other duty taxes on various goods will be deferred until they have been removed and shipped.



Another advantage of the bonded warehouse is in making sure their goods are in line with local legislation to enter the Russian market, for example by applying the proper labeling. A task that is best performed at the last stage of the supply chain to simplify the production and shipment process. 


Meanwhile, we treat the goods as if they were our own, with the most exceptional care and security. We offer the most efficient security methods like security cameras, barcoding systems, and inventory systems that can guarantee that all goods stored are well documented and preserved. Of course, all information you need on stock status is available at your fingertips thanks to our warehouse management system, which was designed and purposely developed to meet specific challenges of logistics operations in Russia and CIS


With the permission of the customs authority, you can perform several operations with the goods (sorting, packaging, etc.). Also, without permission, you can carry out operations to ensure the safety of the goods, without changing their condition, for example, drying and airing. But remember that certain goods like precious metals, edged weapons, and firearms, military equipment, explosives, etc. are not allowed for this procedure.

Why Ahlers

Our warehouse under customs control is in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is among the biggest in the area. It is fully run by Ahlers’ experienced warehousing staff who make sure the site stays fully compliant with customs legislation and local authorities. Ahlers Russia has been operating in Russia since 1993 and Importer/Exporter of Record services since 2011, to cover your local legal entity requirements for cross-border returns from/to Russia & CIS. Our wide range of factory logistics services, combined with our offerings, provide you with the flexibility, to address your individual logistics needs.