Ahlers Data Analytics Inspiration Day

You love networking, we love inspiration.

Download the event presentations from Thursday 21 October

  • Presentation 1 - Hear Jo Caudron talk about how not only digital but also broad social and economic transformations are shaping our future: different living/working arrangements, new business models, more focus on local. During the keynote, Jo will discuss the basics of these ideas as laid out in his latest book.
  • Presentation 2 - Based on these principles, Peter De Coninck, Supply Chain Expert @ DXC Technology will discuss how a digital supply chain twin is at the heart of any digital supply chain effort.


    Keynote - The world is round.

    Jo Caudron. Author, speaker, thinker. Founding partner of Scopernia

    Starting from the many challenges of today, Jo seeks an optimistic worldview in which we work and live in Urban Villages, where we buy more online, where we focus on solutions rather than products, where education is not necessarily taught in schools, where care is organized differently, where we move less and where production and even agriculture partly return to where we consume.

    The Corona crisis has accelerated many of his ideas into our daily lives. Whereas his book gave us plenty of time to think about this distant future, the Corona crisis is already forcing us to learn to deal with tomorrow's world. Will the Corona Pendulum swing back to its old ways as quickly as possible, or will a New Normal really emerge? 

    The New Way of Thinking about Supply Chain

    Peter De Coninck, Supply Chain Expert @ DXC Technology

    Peter will discuss how a digital supply chain twin is at the heart of any digital supply chain effort. It is through this twin that stakeholders can drive the alignment of its decisions both horizontally and vertically throughout its supply chain. This alignment is key in the effort to significantly improve decision-making and the associated business value.

    It ensures balance across the supply chain and the execution of strategy down through the organization by mapping the relationships between the different data objects (e.g., events, attributes, orders) and entities (e.g., products, customers, suppliers, locations, assets).

    Continuous Design enabled by a Digital Supply Chain Twin outsmarts disruption.

    The digital supply chain twin allows organizations to recreate their supply chain in the virtual world and quickly test scenarios in a risk-free manner to learn how decisions will impact the environment.

    When the supply chain is designed to adapt and evolve, organizations will be prepared to make tradeoffs, optimize policies, simulate situations, and accelerate the time between making and executing decisions.

    This builds resiliency and enables the supply chain to respond to whatever disruption is on the horizon.