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Increase your supply chain efficiency through demand modeling

In a world that keeps getting faster and with customers that keep getting more demanding, you need to make sure your supply chain strategy stays aligned with events unfolding. Part of that strategy is making sure you can improve the forecast of your demand and plan accordingly.
Ahlers - 3 Steps to Optimizing Your Supply Chain Network Design
Data analytics

3 Steps to Optimizing Your Supply Chain Network Design

There can be many reasons to optimise your supply chain network design: expansion of your business to new markets or countries, launching a new product line, or a change of suppliers.

Sometimes supply chain networks grow into Rube Goldberg Machines. Warehouses, routes, and processes are added. The whole system still works, but it’s far from optimal. A periodic review of the effectiveness of your supply chain network can increase its efficiency and save companies time and money. So how to go about optimizing your supply chain design?
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Food & Beverage Trends in China: Demand for Western Brands on the Rise

With total revenue of 1.3 trillion US dollars, China is the biggest market for the food & beverage sectors. Traditionally, the food & beverage market is very competitive, but Western brands still have a massive potential to enter the Chinese markets. Shanghai and Beijing are the first cities that come to mind for companies to enter the market, but keep in mind that China has 16 cities with a population of more than 10 million and 65 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants. A single city is a market in itself.