Business cases & stories

Groupe SEB

Customer feedback

Why customer service matters? That’s the question, one could write a library-worth number of books on. Instead, let’s look at what our customers have to say. Thank you Group SEB for your loyalty.
Secured transport

Emergency in supply chain security

Innovation and globalization become more complex and sensitive to all kinds of risks. With COVID-19 disrupting production, we believe the prevention of cargo theft should be high on your list of security priorities.
End-to-end supply chain solutions

Ahlers China - ECTN provider for African destinations

ECTN is another form a waiver document and stands for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note. You may have heard about Bordereau de Suivi Cargaison (BSC) or Loading Certificate that is exactly the same as the ECTN document.
Data analytics

How to unlock savings with supply chain optimization

There are so many things that need your urgent attention, right now. What should you prioritize? What can deliver rapid results? To meet this ever-growing need for current understanding of the supply chain, more and more companies are performing supply chain network studies.