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End-to-end supply chain solutions

How we move TIP frames

Cargo: TIP Frames 60 Pcs
Volume: 10 Containers (1st LOT) 147.9 tons
Loading Place: Goleniow, Poland
Delivery Place: Tianjin, China
Secured transport

Replacing armed escorts with IoT based technology

Real-time data, using smart sensors based on IoT technology, before, during, and after transport, offers the answer when transporting theft sensitive and/or valuable products. Ellen Theeuwes, Ahlers, our high value expert tells you all about it in her interview with Flows Magazine.
Projects and machinery logistics

Now that’s we call some heavy-lift project cargo

Despite the numerous challenges along the way, our team managed to rise to the occasion and overcome the obstacles, as we always do 😊 Ahlers has a track record of managing complex global projects, tailor-made, with a clear scope and dedicated team. We strive for optimal solutions for every type of cargo and destination.
End-to-end supply chain solutions

DDP Deliveries Russia

Distribution and Delivery to Russia Made Easy – DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) services, improving complex customs clearance. Russia is a whole different ball game from Europe and the rest of the world when it comes to its customs clearance. For businesses looking to trade in this complex market, local expertise is simply a must to stay up to date with regularly changing requirements.