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Innovations in Transportation: Securing High-Value Cargo During Road Transport

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of high-value cargo is a trailer filled with iPhones or laptops. The problem for criminals with these shipments is that these devices are registered and can be tracked. For criminals, a second factor that makes a shipment high-value is the ease of selling it. This makes shipments of cigarettes and liquor, but also things like detergent, very desirable.
End-to-end supply chain solutions

Open Letter to Supply Chain Leaders Regarding Investing in the Future

I firmly believe we need to invest in the future, however, challenging that may be for a logistics service provider. When I say, “invest in the future”, the first thing you would think of might be the environment and the future of our planet. I already wrote about that in an earlier article on how sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Rather than talking about the Planet, today I will speak of People and Profit. Stefan Van Doorslaer. CEO @Ahlers
Projects and machinery logistics

Transporting a production line to Russia. The devil sits in the detail.

Transporting a complete air separation plant, consisting of several large 85-ton oversized units, and over 50 standard and oversized truckloads of parts and materials from 4 different countries via road and ocean to Moglino in Russia. A complex project, but just a regular day’s work for the Ahlers’ projects and machinery business unit.
End-to-end supply chain solutions

Russia in focus - Ahlers develops at a high pace in this fast-growing market

Since 1993 Ahlers has had a local presence in Russia and the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States). Gradually the logistic service provider built up its service portfolio to serve Western customers in the region. But the region has further increased its growth pace in recent years. That is why Ahlers is stepping up its focus on the CIS region. Talking to Didier Duponselle, Ahlers' Business Unit Director, explaining the developments and challenges in this specific market.
Projects and machinery logistics

Heavy Cargo Deliveries to Moglino, Russia

Ahlers recently completed deliveries for an air separation plant that is being built in Moglino, Russia. The transported equipment and components originated from Korea, Turkey, and Italy and the total transported volume was a staggering 6000 tons of freight.
Data analytics

How to Mitigate Disruptions in Your Supply Chain

If there is one thing we have seen in the past eighteen months, it is that unexpected disruptions in the supply chain can have enormous consequences. Complete supply chains came to a standstill, and others faced delays they had never experienced before. This has caused a renewed focus on contingency planning.