Transporting Mining and Construction Machinery from China to Central & South America

Leveraging our in-house chartering desk and strong local relationships with reputable Chinese carriers, Ahlers Logistics has been recently experiencing a significant boost in volumes for mining and construction machinery. Majority of these shipments originate from China and being delivered to Central & South America.

The shipments encompass a diverse array of mining and construction machinery, with lot sizes ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 freight tons. All units are loaded onto (break)bulk vessels in compliance with strict handling and stowage requirements.

The customer faces the challenge of securing consistent transportation services, particularly for niche destinations, compounded by limited space on RO-RO vessels, necessitating the identification of a cost-effective transport solution that meets these criteria.

At Ahlers, our comprehensive services extend from identifying the optimal solution (including securing suitable vessels within the appropriate laycan and negotiating fixtures) to overseeing port handling, conducting cargo surveys at origin, and managing ocean freight to the final destination.


  • Cargo: Mining & construction equipment
  • Lot sizes: ranging between 2,000 and 10,000 freight tons
  • Route: From China to South & Central America

Customer challenges

  • Lack of regular services (RO-RO or Breakbulk) to these (niche) destinations
  • Lack of space on RO-RO vessels
  • Finding the right transport solution at the right price considering above points


  • Own chartering desk looking for right solutions, negotiating fixtures and charter parties
  • Close local contacts with main Chinese carriers
  • Providing right solution with the required laycan requirements
  • Guidance related to disruptions caused by Red Sea conflict and Panama Canal restrictions
  • Vast experience in handling & shipping machinery