Upgrade Your Spare Parts Supply Chain

In various industries, the spare parts supply chain often is considered a competitive differentiator. In fact, it is one of the main drivers to enhance customer satisfaction and generate repurchase opportunities. Creating value with spare parts operations to enhance your customer service, building new distribution channels should be included in successful post-covid business plans. 

Find out during this webinar how to tackle challenges in spare parts planning, purchasing, ordering, and logistics and handling critical factors such as response times and spare parts availability as opposed to the overall supply chain cost. 

Our team of experts will present their view on the spare parts supply chain and provide examples of how a strategic digital twin can help in answering these questions. They will demonstrate the case of a spare part from a large steel manufacturer revealing best practices in managing a spare parts supply chain.

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Webinar details

Finding it challenging to provide a solid answer to the questions such as; 

  • Do I need regional warehouses, and what goods do I need to store there?
  • Are there any spare parts that I can only source or produce in certain areas of the world?
  • Do I keep more stock for these and where do I keep it?
  •  How will I transport and how do I make sure machine downtime in my factories is at a minimum?

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Join us for presentations from the following speakers and find out exactly what Ahlers and Tableau can do for your business. In our webinar, you will learn all about tradIng-off the risk of downtime with high stock levels and fast, but expensive distribution channels, the essential rules of the games, their benefits, and their pitfalls. 

Case study analysis from a large steel manufacturer revealing best practices in managing a spare parts supply chain.


Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Time: 01.00 - 02.00 pm CET time

Introduction to data analytics and the power of data. Jan Van Damme. Account Executive Tableau
Data analytics and how we work with Tableau. Kevin Onderbeke. Sales Manager Ahlers
Business Case - Improve your spare parts supply chain network. Miguel Van Asch. Head of Data Analytics Ahlers