Ahlers Safe-T Solution Launch

Innovation and Globalization in supply chains are getting more complex and sensitive to all kinds of risk. Theft and damage during transport disrupt the supply chain and risk management has become an absolute necessity and is set to accelerate even further because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch the virtual launch of the Ahlers Safe-T solution online, to better meet the growing security needs of international companies transporting high valuable and/or theft-sensitive goods.



  • Intro: Ahlers Secured Transport, Ellen Theeuwes, Business Unit Director Ahlers
  • Customer caseAndrey Putintsev, Regional Manager Procurement of Indirect Materials & Services, Eastern Europe at Philip Morris International



“With the Ahlers Safe-T solution, we provide the highest security standards delivery goods door-to-door, reducing the dependency of human interaction (armed guards) while realizing significant cost savings, avoiding impact that theft has on product availability and brand image. Our solution covers all stages of transportation, including our own 24/7 monitoring center, route, and incident management functionality, all with real-time visibility and detailed analytics.”

Practical examples of how your business can benefit from our Ahlers Safe-T solution.
Answers to your questions, or challenges you might face today such as:

  • How to ensure public and employee safety during transport? And what about limiting human interaction?
  • How to reduce the impact of theft and cargo crime on product availability and brand reputation?
  • How to rule any supply chain disruption due to hijackings?
  • How to avoid paying increased insurance premiums?