Proud to be customer choice of Resinex since 2013


Resinex is delighted to offer this reference for Ahlers, their logistics provider in the field of customs clearance and warehouse logistics since 2013. Within this period of time, they provided us an excellent service not only in customs clearance, thoroughly checking documents, and responsible storage at the warehouse but in organizing the delivery of our goods to the final customers.

Throughout our partnership, Ahlers proved its high professional status, competence, and activity in its logistics sphere. Moreover, all issues are always performed within a strictly specified deadline, with the appropriate quality and quick response, in which all employees demonstrated a professional and responsible approach to their work.

It can be said with confidence that the Ahlers company has proved to be a solid company, unfailing in its determination to provide effective and high-quality work while complying in full with its contractual obligations. Resinex company appreciates Ahlers as a sustainable, responsible, and reliable business partner who constantly meets our requirements. We truly enjoy working with Ahlers. George Avrutsky, General Manager AO, Resinex Russia