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Creating Your Digital Twin

Some see data as the new gold, and Miguel couldn’t agree more. With his department, he turns massive amounts of data points into actionable data. When you use algorithms and artificial intelligence you can run many different scenarios and analyze the outcome of these scenarios. In this episode, Miguel explains what a digital twin is and how it can be used to make data-driven decisions. A few examples of strategical and tactical decisions you can take based on the outcomes of running different scenarios on your digital twin:

  • Know the best locations to open a new distribution center
  • Get insights into what happens when there is a disruption in your supply chain, as the blocking of the Suez Canal
  • Know what stock levels to keep in which warehouses to maintain a certain service level
Ahlers - podcast digital twin

Creating Your Digital Twin

There are three steps to creating your digital twin:

  1. What do I have? Assess what data you have and what data you need to get to a digital twin.
  2. What do I want to achieve? Assess your business. How does the digital twin fit in the business, the process, and your future vision?
  3. What decision do I take? Understanding your drivers and where you want to go. Build the right scenarios to run based on the right drivers in your supply chain.

After going through these steps you are ready to make your decisions, based on actionable data.


Ahlers - podcast digital twin