Ahlers Ukraine: Caring for our People, Navigating Challenges, Sustaining Operations

Our People in Ukraine

The situation on the ground remains delicate and Ahlers is making every effort to pursue its operations in difficult circumstances, honoring its commitment to clients and – especially - our people on the ground. Our employees in Ukraine have demonstrated unwavering resilience in the face of ongoing conflict. Despite the challenging circumstances, they remain committed to supporting the continuation of operations and delivering outstanding results. 

Ahlers has branches in Kremenchuk in central Ukraine and in Kharkiv, which is in the northeast, where we employ around 110 peopleMost of our employees have moved to western Ukraine due to the conflict because it is safer there.

As a company, we are committed to supporting our employees in Ukraine, and providing them with the resources and support they need to stay safe and continue their important work. Their dedication and perseverance in the face of adversity are a testament to their strength and character, and we are proud to have them as part of our team. 

Business continuity in challenging times

Today's challenges for both local and international businesses include disruptions to supply chains, limited access to certain regions, and difficulties in attracting and retaining talent. Despite these challenges, our teams are still operating in Ukraine, taking steps to adapt and ensure business continuity. Employees have adopted remote work or moved to other regions in order to drive collaboration and stay connected with colleagues and customers.

As a company, we constantly evaluate how we can provide additional support. Since the situation is constantly evolving, we stay close to our people and customers to keep them informed and we take a flexible approach to address any emerging challenges. Our factory logistics team in Kremenchuk continues to support one of the largest manufacturers of tobacco products in Ukraine. 

Our customs departments works closely with our customers to support the challenge they face operating in Ukraine. Our skilled and experienced people will assist and guide you through all customs matters, including the critical preparation of documents, offering goods certification support.

Our employees help you navigate:

  1. Complex and time-consuming customs procedures
  2. Lack of transparency and inconsistent application of regulations
  3. Challenges in obtaining proper documentation and certifications
  4. Changing rules and regulations ensuring we comply with all requirements
  5. Delays in cargo clearance and shipment release.

Our Services in Ukraine

Ahlers Ukraine was founded in 2000 and has offices in Kharkiv, Kiev, Kremenchuk, Odessa.
Our services include:

Complex export, import, and domestic cargo transport: Handling air, ocean, rail, and truck shipments. Either import, export, or domestic shipments.

Factory (on-site) logistics services: Operate warehouse and factory logistics operations at the customer location in Kremenchuk.

Intermodal transportation: Sustainable multimodal and combined transport from and to Asia-CIS and Europe-CIS countries.

Customs brokerage services: Licensed customs broker since 2003 in Kiev, Kharkiv


Air Cargo

Fast and reliable delivery, always on time with our charter cargo service. In the last months, we have shipped multiple charter planes from Ahlers Kazakhstan to Ahlers Ukraine over Poland. Thanks to the teams involved, all cargo is supplied to other countries reliably, with high professionalism and care. We strive to empower our customers by providing innovative solutions to ensure seamless business continuity in their operations.

Factory Logistics

Ahlers provides on-site or factory logistics support in Kremenchuk for a leading international company in tobacco. Navigating challenges and adapting to changes, we are proud to remain operational and committed to serving our customers in Ukraine. Read more on how Ahlers can help you to focus on your core activity and leave your executive non-core processes to us.  Watch our video here or download our brochure here to find out more.

Project Cargo

Dealing with project logistics for a steel plant in Mariupol (MMKI) consisting of 84 containers split over 12 lots. We supported shippers in calculating the number/type of required containers per lot,  checking the packaging quality, overseeing and optimizing stuffing operations from suppliers, as well as dealing with transit formalities in Odessa, and local coordination with the receiver regarding documentation, clearance, deliveries, and schedule.

Heavy Machinery

Delivery from China to Ukraine, consisting of vehicles, self-propelled cranes, bulldozers, excavators, and spare parts. Discharging in the RoRo area of the Chernomorsk seaport, dealing with import formalities, loading on trucks, lashing operations, and final delivery to Kyiv.  We took care of the port handling, and transit formalities. Our team coordinated closely with the final receiver and customs broker, ensuring the customer was well-informed at every stage of the process. 

Customer Award

As proof of commitment to a strategic partnership, Ahlers agreed to participate in product quality checks. 

Thanks to the due diligence of the team several quality discrepancies were identified. Such as filter folds, seams coming off, dirty filters, etc.  This helped the customer to avoid financial and reputational losses. Our team managed to prevent 44 times a production stop and was proud to have received a special customer award.

Ahlers is customer-oriented, where customer intimacy is part of our DNA. We listen carefully to our customer's needs. Through close in-and external collaboration, we assist our customers in solving any logistics challenge. We create value for our customers by challenging the market norms and helping them to develop new activities, ensuring success in our target markets.

On-Site Logistics Benefits

  • Reduced costs: Reduce logistics costs by streamlining inbound and outbound transportation, inventory management, and other logistics activities. This can help to improve the efficiency of logistics operations and reduce operational costs.
  • Improved inventory management: Improve inventory management by ensuring that the right materials and components are available when needed, and by reducing inventory carrying costs.
  • Increased flexibility: Increase flexibility by enabling companies to respond quickly to changes in demand and to adapt to new production schedules.
  • Better control: Provide better control over logistics operations by giving companies visibility into logistics activities and allowing them to make more informed decisions about logistics operations.
  • Quality assurance: Ensure quality by allowing companies to monitor logistics activities and implement quality control measures.
  • Local knowledge and expertise: Factory logistics in Ukraine can provide companies with access to local expertise and knowledge, which can help them to navigate the local logistics landscape and to take advantage of local logistics resources.

Heavy Machinery and Project Cargo Logistics

Ukraine has a good market for heavy machinery and project cargo logistics due to its developing infrastructure and growing industries such as construction, manufacturing, and energy. There are opportunities for companies that specialize in the transportation, storage, and handling of large and heavy equipment, as well as those that provide logistics planning and project management services. Additionally, Ukraine's location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it a strategic hub for trade and transportation, providing further opportunities for logistics companies operating in the country.

It is important to know that the Ahlers Projects and Machinery division provides tailor-made solutions. We build, together with our clients, a customized solution from the initial planning and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start-up. Whether a heavy lift piece or a small box of nuts and bolts, every package is as important to make your project successful.

Logistics Trends in Ukraine

  • Cold Chain Development: With the growth of the agricultural sector, the cold chain logistics infrastructure is also growing in Ukraine.
  • Logistics OutsourcingOutsourcing logistics in Ukraine can provide several benefits, such as cost savings, access to local expertise and knowledge, and the ability to focus on core competencies
  • IT integration: Logistics companies in Ukraine are increasingly using IT solutions to improve their operations, including transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, and tracking and tracing systems.
  • Cost increase: An increase in prices of several commodities including fertilizers, food products, and oil and gas. The supply chain disruptions have increased freight charges, created container shortages, and lowered the availability of warehousing space.

The economic situation in Ukraine is challenging, with ongoing conflict and political instability. Disruption of transportation routes, the destruction of infrastructure, and the displacement of large numbers of people, have made it difficult for goods to be moved within and through Ukraine, resulting in delays and increased costs for businesses. The situation is likely to have a continued inflationary impact on the costs of raw materials, energy, logistics, and digital services.

The country has a population of over 42 million and a growing middle class, which presents a large potential consumer goods and services market. However, Ukraine still is an attractive market due to its large market size and potential for growth for certain companies, but it is important to consider the challenges and risks associated with doing business in the country.