Green Code

19 leading companies from St. Petersburg, Russia committed to improving environmental safety in the region. Ahlers together with other companies from the FMCG, construction, and heavy industry sectors confirmed their participation in the initiative: the Green Code was signed in the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly for a new term until 2024.

"We at Ahlers follow principles of social responsibility and sustainable business. Ahlers is happy to sign the Green Code, not only as a company that strives to reduce our own direct impact on the environment but also as a company that can support others to reduce their impact through more effective logistics solutions. An example of that is our own CO2 calculation tool. Implementing the modal shift between types of transport allows to choose the more environmentally friendly means of transport and reduce CO2," said Robert Mann, general director of Ahlers Rus.

The concept of the "Green Code" – a set of voluntary principles of environmentally responsible business conduct - was developed in 2017 at the initiative of the St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA), with the support of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

The main principles of the Code are compliance with environmental legislation, voluntary implementation of the best available technologies, rational use of resources, and minimizing the impact on the environment. Participants in the program are committed to pursuing a good neighbor policy and organizing environmental volunteer projects.

"We are convinced that the dialogue between the representatives of the responsible business community, which started four years ago with the creation of the Green Code, will continue to promote the socio-economic development of the region and bring positive changes in the lives of its residents. We are pleased to welcome new participants who have joined our environmental initiative today," said Karina Khabacheva, executive director of SPIBA.

"We are glad that social responsibility of business is becoming an integral part of the activities of more and more businesses in St. Petersburg. We wholeheartedly support the initiative of the St. Petersburg International Business Association to unite responsible representatives of the business community under the "Green Code", - said Maria Shcherbakova, chairman of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly's permanent commission on ecology and environmental management.

The main and most ambitious investment programs of Green Code participants are initiatives in the field of energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, reducing consumption of natural resources, waste management, labor protection as well other environmental initiatives.