A night to remember

A night to remember

Ahlers celebrates 25 years presence in Russia and opens bonded warehouse in St. Petersburg

bonded warehouse celebration Ahlers Russia

In the presence of Ahlers’ board of directors, management, customers and partners celebrating Ahlers Russia’s 25th anniversary, Ahlers Russia proudly announced having received authorization to operate a bonded warehouse in its Gorelovo site.

Bonded warehouse
In the past 25 years, Ahlers Russia has become the authority on opening up the Russian market to foreign companies. To serve their customer base even better, they recently received permission to start bonded warehousing activities, through which they give exporters an extra opportunity to enter the Russian market.

At their bonded warehouse, Ahlers helps customers by making sure their goods are in line with local legislation to enter the Russian market, for example by applying the proper labeling. A task that is best performed at the last stage of the supply chain in order to simplify the production and shipment process. Thanks to bonded warehousing, import duties only come into play when the products are actually being shipped out of the warehouse and on to the customer, which is especially convenient for slow moving items such as spare parts or high-value goods.

The warehouse under customs control, located in the Gorelovo region in St. Petersburg, is the biggest in the area. It is fully run by Ahlers’ experienced warehousing staff who make sure the site stays fully compliant with customs legislation and local authorities.

"This new activity proves that with 25 years, Ahlers Russia stands at the start of a new era of growth", stated Stefan Van Doorslaer, General Director Ahlers CIS & Baltics. “Furthermore it was fantastic seeing all our customers, colleagues and business contacts together, looking back on what we achieved in the past quarter of a century. The atmosphere was great - my staff did a wonderful job organizing the whole event - and we have every reason to look to the future with confidence.



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