Ahlers participation in Export to China seminar in the Netherlands, Zoetermeer

The Route-to-Market to China: key trends in export and customs formalities


Being one of the most attractive and emerging markets today, at the same time, China is one of the most complex markets with continuously changing regulations and processes. The seminar will cover questions regarding logistics and customs formalities in exporting to China and how these challenges affect a market with big opportunities.

As Business Development Manager at Ahlers, Elena Robakidze specializes in Route-to-Market solutions between China and Russia and the rest of the CIS-region. As a native Russian with four-years working/living experience in Shanghai, China, Elena’s expertise reaches beyond international logistics, and she is therefore capable to advise her clients how to optimize their business in both regions. With a degree in global economics, and fluency in Russian, Chinese and English, Elena is the right person to present the business opportunities within these complex regions.

Elena looks forward to talking about her experiences based on practical business cases, involving:

  • Key Trends of Export to China
  • Survival Guide to Chinese Customs Formalities
  • The Route-to-Market to China



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