Ahlers participation in supply chain management forum Berlin

How to increase sales in complex regions with high potential: Route to market re-design: experiences in Russia

supply chain trade facilitation russia

Johan Elzes, Business Unit Director Trade Facilitation & After Sales Services in Ahlers, will participate in the supply chain management consumer & retail forum held annually in Berlin. The event aims to provide insights to think in a more global way, increase efficiency in supply chain flows and focus on ‘end-to-end’ solutions. In this respect it’s a perfect place to hold a dialogue on Ahlers’ Trade Facilitation model which focusses on end-to-end supply chain outsourcing, allowing FMCG producers to re-design their route to market and in return increase their sales.
Johan will hold a presentation on the topic: How to increase sales in complex regions with high potential leveraging route to market re-design: experiences in Russia includes 3 topics:

• Route to market challenges for Russia 
• Route to market models: advantages and disadvantages
• Master Importer model and why it works

The Supply Chain Management Consumer & Retail Sector Forum will be held 16-17 May 2019 in Berlin. The main focus of the supply chain management function in today’s competitive world is to maximize the customer satisfaction, minimize the costs, work in a more global perspective, implement innovative technological solutions and be flexible under the changing circumstances.
The forum format will be a combination of best practices/keynote presentations from Peers, developed by sector leaders, supply chain experts and solution providers from all the sectors; interactive discussion sessions; workshops and networking breaks.



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