What can we do for you, today and tomorrow?

We act for today and plan for tomorrow


We offer services in five areas:
• International forwarding
• Project logistics
• Warehousing with value added services
• Data analytics
• Trade facilitation

With 30 offices on 3 continents we can provide experienced logistics experts all around the world. We have expertise in the steel, tobacco, oil and gas, chemicals and consumer goods industries.

Ahlers has an annual turnover of € 205 million and employs 850 staff. We have experienced professionals, proven systems, and follow industry best practices to design the logistics solutions that make our clients successful.

What can we do for you today?
Being historically and firmly rooted in logistics and maritime services, we are able to create supply chain opportunities for the 21st century.

Ahlers can pull together a wide range of specialist skills on contracts in many countries around the world.

Through our subsidiary BIMV, we have developed a specialized, internationally-accredited maritime education center in Africa.


We have built custom-designed warehouses in Russia to manage specialized flows of goods, and have expanded our warehouses in Antwerp and Ghent to meet client capacity demands.

We offer remarkable value-added activities for the chemical industries, transport huge offshore platforms from port to destination and haul complete industrial production plants across the world.

We create Supply Chain Opportunities for all our clients.

Our Supply Chain Opportunities are a product of Ahlers’ in-depth industry knowhow. We respond to the needs of individual clients and further develop the most successful solutions for the wider market.

For example:

  • Not satisfied with standard solutions in the Russian market, we created Store, our own warehouse management system. Store combines a user-friendly interface with sophisticated radio frequency tracking and in-depth reporting, and will soon integrate with smart-glass technology.
  • Ahlers’ Cargo Security and Tracking System replaces armed security escorts when transporting valuable goods, cutting the security costs by up to 50%.
  • If you want to reach Russian customers but are reluctant to start a Russian division of your company, we have Rusimport for you. Rusimport is a fully compliant Russian legal entity backed by our global forwarding network. The firm can take full responsibility for the entire import, storage and distribution process of foreign products.


We also invest heavily in information technology to speed up administration and communication processes. In addition, we are experimenting with drones and 3D-printing to meet tomorrow’s traffic and logistics challenges.

Our dedicated staff and sector expertise put us in a great position to help our clients capitalize on tomorrow’s innovation.

What can we do for you tomorrow?
Logistics Communities: a new direction in supply chain optimization

A single company can only optimize their logistics performance so much, and many have already reached their limits. In order to go further, companies need to work together and share resources to achieve greater efficiency and develop a more sustainable supply chain.

Here at Ahlers we are championing this approach. We build Logistics Communities that prepare the logistics processes of today for the supply chains of tomorrow.

Ahlers’ CCT (Collaborative Control Tower) has access to over 2 million freight movements in Europe. We have the tools to analyze this data and can combine the operations of companies with matching logistics needs. We then act as a neutral trustee and prevent the exchange of sensitive data, while looking for maximum efficiency and profitability for all parties.

We can identify potential opportunities for optimization and facilitate collaboration at various levels. This might include bundled shipping and warehousing, sharing processing and co-production sites, group purchasing and even shared back-end processes for transport and handling.

Sounds futuristic? Welcome to the next generation of logistics and supply chain optimization!

What can we do for you - today and tomorrow?

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