Flexibility as a way to a customer's heart

For over 100 years the first priority for Ahlers has been our client's comfort

Ahlers warehouse

We do not hesitate to accept challenges and high requirements and with our slogan “We make your supply network smarter” we work hard to meet our customers’ needs. Our collaboration with Mirka is a great example of what we do every day.
In October 2017 Ahlers started the cooperation with Mirka, the leading global manufacturer of flexible abrasives and products for dust-free sanding. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 97% of products are exported and sold in more than 100 countries.
The Mirka slogan, “Dedicated to the finish”, states the company’s high standards of doing business, innovative solutions for both the customer and the environment, the accessibility of products for clients and an efficient supply chain. 
The task of Ahlers within the framework of Mirka’s logistic set-up in Russia is focused on the organization of storage and stock data management utilizing Mirka’s own in-house developed warehouse management program.  
Mirka’ products are stored in the Ahlers Logistics Center, a class A warehouse complex. Sanding and polishing machines, dust extraction and many other devices cover about 1400 storage places. All operations are conducted via the warehouse management program. To become familiar with the system, Ahlers’ staff completed the training at Mirka’s headquarters, in Jeppo, Finland.
Through investing in people, training and equipment and implementing a specific IT solution, Ahlers was able to secure the specific service required by the client.
We are glad to partner with Mirka and look forward to delivering together the high-quality service for the end customer!



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