How we provide an alternative answer to our customers to address their increased security needs

Philip Morris

Ahlers secured transportation - the best innovation in supply chain security

Supply chain security is one of the biggest business disruptors for manufacturers and logistics service providers. Innovation and globalization in supply chains are getting more complex and sensitive to all kinds of risks. Theft and damage during transport disrupt the supply chain and risk management has become an absolute necessity.

By challenging current market standards – armed guards – Ahlers provided Philip Morris International, with a comprehensive total approach including a state-of-the-art solution for monitoring and security of the transportation of their high-valuable goods.

“We were involved in the project as from the start. Ahlers listened carefully to our needs and delivers excellent qualitative service for an attractive price. It gives us peace of mind important for us to keep growing in a competitive environment” 
Rafael Herrera, Supply Chain Director EMEA, Philip Morris International     

Customer challenges

  • Minimize risk (public, employee safety)
  • Theft impacting product availability and brand image
  • Value of cargo stolen and the replenishment cost
  • Time spent on the time-consuming, recovery process of stolen goods
  • Insurance premiums continuing to rise

Our end-to-end solution:

  • Flexible mobile device
  • Tracking: audio, video, sensors
  • Reduced risk - less human interaction
  • Providing double-digit cost savings
  • Own 24/7 monitoring center
  • Providing smart data analytics
  • Solution Insurance approved