Biography Didier Duponselle

Didier Duponselle is a Belgian national who has been actively working with Russia/CIS countries since 2010. He frequently travels to the respective countries. He is Business Unit Director Warehousing & Onsite Logistics at Ahlers. This Business Unit is responsible for complex logistics solutions to and from Russia/CIS as well as the related warehousing and e-commerce affairs. He holds a Master of Science University degree in Transport Economics as well as a Master of Arts University degree in International Trade from the University of Antwerp. 

Didier Duponselle already worked for Ahlers from 2010 to 2017. In 2017, he left Ahlers as commercial development director to become the new Chief Commercial Officer at European Containers (ECS); where, among other things, he built the Brexit strategy. Recently in April 2020, he decided to return to Ahlers, to further develop the company's Russian area and hinterland as commercial director. 

Topics on which Didier speaks: 

  • Logistics with CIS/Russia. 
  • E-Commerce with CIS/Russia 
  • Sales acceleration & route to market re-design; supply chain continuity, data analytics & 4/5PL services


Ahlers - Didier Duponselle