How we transported one OOG vehicle a day in 2017

Ahlers Projects and the cargo they handle, both built for challenges

Antwerp / Belgium / March 6

Excavators, bulldozers, skid-steer loaders, haul trucks … You name it, we transport it. At least that is what we have been doing every business day for the last year. And it looks like 2018 will bring us another truckload of heavy equipment transports. 

The transport of heavy-duty vehicles is of course complicated because of the dimensions of the machines. But what also has to be taken into account, is the destination. These types of trucks are specially designed for executing construction tasks, mostly in earthwork operations. Not the most accessible places to say the least.

But thanks to a worldwide network of specialist we carried out transportation from and to the most distant locations in China, Russia, Korea, Central Asia, Europe and the Baltics, by rail or road, depending on OOG and urgency of delivery.

When it comes to project cargo, this is as standard as transport can be. A blessing in disguise when you ask the projects team at Ahlers. “There is nothing standard about project cargo, “ says Vyacheslav Koltyshev,” Country Manager at Ahlers Central Asia: “And we must never start to think otherwise. But I’m proud to say that over the years we have developed a series of procedures that help us tackle even the biggest challenges.



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