Ahlers introduces comprehensive supply chain reporting for customers

The added value of data analysis

Asking the Supply Chain Solutions people at Ahlers what they do exactly, often leads to a conversation of over half an hour. Not because their working goals are so hard to explain, they make sure our customers’ containers are transported from A to B, but because they offer a range of extra services with those transports. With the help of our data analysts, our SCS department recently added extended customer reporting to the package.

Ahlers Belgium now has a number of customers who have access to a set of detailed transport dashboards. The rest of their client base will follow shortly.

Anything they had to do for this service themselves?
Not really,” says data analyst and customer experience officer Eefje Morren, “It’s something extra we will gradually introduce to everyone.

Tia Meyvis, senior project manager at the data analytics department ASNIA continues: “The extra information to be gained from these dashboards is quite detailed and can lead to significant changes in our customers’ transport flows. Imagine what could happen if a report reveals that a certain trajectory leads to a significant rise in CO2 emission or that a particular carrier regularly exceeds the predetermined timing.

The customer service team at Ahlers Belgium has an important role to play in this story. Not only will they provide the data that make up these dashboards, they will also have the responsibility to check in on their customers’ dashboards on a regular basis. A part of the work the customer service used to perform manually, was digitized for that particular reason: so they would have the time to look into their customers’ supply chain and suggest improvements.

Morren, coming from the customer service team herself, is confident that they will play their part: “They know their customers, they know what drives them and already present them with their view on things on a regular basis. By providing data to back them up, the team will be even more confident in suggesting changes that lower costs, lead times and the impact on the environment.

Eefje Morren, who is the sustainability officer at Ahlers, says this service also contributes to the Ahlers’ Lean & Green goal: “We are not naïve about the importance of cost for our customers, but we also notice a significant rise in awareness when it comes to environment and sustainability. I am convinced that in time, people will make changes and even go for a modal shift for the sole purpose of lowering their CO2 emissions. Until then, let me take the opportunity to emphasize on the fact that those changes also lead to less congestion, which then lead to lower transport costs.”

Are you interested in finding out what these dashboard could mean for your supply network? Feel free to contact us.



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