Actions taken to increase sustainability at Ahlers

An overview of the past year

Antwerp, Belgium, February 13th, 2018

In 2016, Ahlers Belgium started a sustainability team, a group of 8 colleagues who look at what we can do to support the Sustainable Development Goals that were set by the UN the year before. Two years into the project and we are proud we can look back on the following achievements:

Climate actions

  • Development of a CO2 calculator offering our customers an insight into their own carbon footprint.
  • The lights in the warehouses in Ghent were replaced by LED lights with motion detection.
  • Over 70% of the company cars, which were all diesel engines, was replaced by hybrid, electrical and CNG vehicles.
  • A charging point for electrical vehicles was installed at our offices and warehouses.
  • An insect hotel was placed outside our chemicals warehouse.
  • A carpool platform and other ways of joined transport were introduced.
  • Development of a Lean & Green action plan.


Good health and wellbeing

  • Colleagues were given the opportunity to take part in activities that were beneficial for their health.
  • Different charity events were organized to support a good cause.
  • We started offering a(n) (electric) bicycle lease plan for all employees.
  • A specialized consultant in ergonomics gave individual consults to all employees on working posture.



  • Ahlers employees are always encouraged to accept teaching and presentation opportunities in colleges and schools.
  • We actively support education initiatives such as the VEA Academy.


Good jobs & economic growth

  • Implementation of the stress measuring program 'MyMindScan' to prevent psychosocial issues at work.
  • Introduction of a new evaluation and coaching system for employees.
  • Campaign to raise awareness around safety of warehouse work: introduction of days without accidents, training possibilities …

It is our strong belief that any company can do this. Therefore we are very much open for partnerships and discussions on the subject. Are you thinking of implementing a similar action plan or do you have pointers for ours? Do not hesitate to contact us.



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