30% decrease in transport costs for scale-up in feed additives

Helping internal processes grow when business grows

Antwerp / Belgium / July 4

Our confidence in the economy is back and a lot of starting companies benefit from that. They are given the golden opportunity of creating products and services for a world that is open to new ideas. We see entrepreneurs going beyond borders to get their innovation out there, and we see them succeed and grow fast. So fast even, that certain aspects of doing business went from ‘oh, that too’ to ‘oh, wow, that’s a lot of work’. Logistics is one of those aspects.

There is a large number of fast growing companies out there who can really benefit from thinking about the logistics part of things, instead of letting it grow together with the business, and, as supposed to the actual business, often without a clear vision.

We recently came across a very successful manufacturer of quality additives and vitamins for the feed additive market. Whenever they needed to ship their products, someone made a few calls, and booked a couple of containers. They knew this situation couldn’t last and were very eager to change their way of working.

Our call came at exactly the right time,” says Andries Gysen, account manager Supply Chain Solutions at Ahlers Belgium: “Shortly after our first conversation one of our business analysts visited their plant and worked with the shipping department for half a day.

Based on that afternoon and the input we received from the company itself, we suggested a whole new approach. No more spot assignments and transparent pricing agreements with their transport partners, amongst other aspects. “This project is not completed yet, but we can already state that they are looking at a decrease in shipping costs of over 30%."

Entrepreneurship is one of Ahlers’ core values. We know as no other what it is to be focused on grasping opportunities to improve and innovate. By empowering our customers we help them to take a stand at the helm of their industry.



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