A variety of logistics services

To suit the FMCG industry

A variety of logistics services to suit the FMCG industry

Now there’s an industry that benefits from almost all of the major logistics services we have to offer: warehousing, forwarding, data analytics and trade facilitation.

From port to port or from pick-up to final destination, we transport your FMCG cargo all over the world and provide clear insights during every step of the transport process. We go beyond track & trace, by keeping you in the loop from start to finish on the trajectory, the cost and CO2 emission of your shipment. Depending on your focus, we proactively communicate suggestions to reduce lead times, logistics costs or your impact on the environment.

At Ahlers, the FMCG industry benefits especially from the synergy between our different departments. We have a data analytics team that can determine and design your perfect supply chain and a forwarding team that takes care of the daily execution and follow up.

When it comes to exporting to the Russian market, the FMCG industry can count on our trade facilitation services, which enable foreign countries to enter the Russian market without having to set up a local entity. We arrange the overall administration and customs clearance and offer warehousing facilities in Russia and the CIS countries, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Belgium.




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